Start Doing This Now for Amazing Skin On Your Wedding Day

Do this now to get glowing, amazing skin for your wedding day

When I first started planning our wedding I had two priorities. The first of course was to plan the darn thing. And the other was to start taking my health and beauty routine seriously. Sure, I made promises every New Year’s day to start working out more frequently or to actually start using sunscreen on a consistent basis. But now that our wedding was coming up, I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to look AND feel the best I ever had on our wedding day. From shiny hair to white teeth, glowing skin, and tighter abs (a 2-pack counts, right?), beauty bootcamp started right then and there.

For 6 months we started a routine (yes, even my husband got in on the fun!) and by the time our wedding rolled around I have to say our hard work paid off. And the best part? It really set us on a track to a healthy lifestyle that we definitely still try to live by today. Without the wedding who knows when we would have started!

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Since YOUR wedding is the perfect excuse to start healthy new habits (and to make sure you look your absolute best on your wedding day), we recently met with the world-renowned naturopathic doctor Dr. Nigma Talib in Los Angeles at her office at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills to get her advice. With an A-list roster of clients such as Penelope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, and Kate Bosworth who swear by her treatment plans, Dr. Talib performed one of her famous non-surgical hydralifts on us, and discussed what brides can start doing NOW to see amazing health and beauty results not only for their wedding day, but long term as well. Read on for her amazing tips!

“What you eat will show up on your skin days before your wedding and can even last weeks to months,” says Dr. Talib, whose books Reverse the Signs of Ageing and Younger Skin Starts in the Gut have become skincare bibles for those in the know. Whether it’s dairy, gluten, sugar, or wine, Dr. Talib’s research shows that these elements can trigger reactions in certain people from dehydration and enlarged pores to puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles. As Dr. Talib was examining my face, she could see that my biggest culprit was…wine! Eek.

Once you identify your trigger (of which Dr. Talib helps you figure out in her books), she says you don’t need external treatments to see a real difference in your skin (though services such as microneedling, lasers, and peels are always a great addition). Instead, your bridal plan should include the following for smooth, glowing skin and overall well-being.:

Cucumber juice for serious hydration

“Juice fresh cucumber and drink about 4 glasses a day to get all the excess water and bloat out of the body.”

Warm it up

“Eat simple and warm foods to keep the gut optimally functioning and avoid raw vegetables… always eat steamed for better digestion.” Otherwise, “the bloat will show in your dress.”

Take a probiotic

“My Healthy Flora supplement (available here on Net-a-Porter) is the star probiotic that helps your gut and your skin.”

Keep your skincare routine simple yet effective

“Use a hard-working serum like the Dr. Nigma Serum Number 1 and layer with the Dr. Nigma Creme Number 1.” And of course sunscreen!

Get your beauty sleep 

“Don’t get bogged down with wedding planning only to be tired for the actual wedding. Sleep helps your skin heal and repair at night. Combined with the serum you are ahead of the game.”


“Try 13 minutes of meditation daily ( I have a good one in my book for readers to follow).”

Do-it-yourself face masks

Why spend money on masks when you can DIY then? Dr. Talib has an amazing selection in her books, including a papaya and avocado formula that’s perfect for winter.

As for my non-surgical hydralift treatment with Dr. Talib, I was HOOKED after seeing the results. After a combination of cleansing/peeling and painless extractions via suction (this tool was SO effective), she then used LED lights for her custom hyaluronic acid and collagen infusion followed by an oxygen treatment. My skin was seriously glowing.

Follow Dr. Nigma Talib on Instagram to stay up to date on her latest skincare reccs, and if you’re in the LA area click here to check her availability and schedule an appointment.

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