6 Things You Should NEVER Do After You Get Engaged

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You’re engaged!!! Congrats! Seriously, this is one of the most exciting times EVER, and you should celebrate it immediately. But before you do, you’ll want to make sure NOT to do these 6 things first.

1. Post the News On Social Media Before You’ve Told Your Closest Family and Friends

While it’s tempting to pull out your phone and Insta-story the hell out of your engagement ring, take a few days or even a week to call, text, or e-mail your family and friends to tell them that YOU.ARE.ENGAGED!! After you do that you can post it allllllllll over the world wide web. You can even skywrite it…just as long as your sister, BFF, mom, dad, grandma and even your aunt know first.

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2. Start Planning Right Away

OK. OK. You CAN go ahead and make those secret Pinterest boards visible AND even take a trip to the bookstore to buy a truckload of wedding magazines and planning books. But unless you’re getting married right away you’ll want to definitely hold off on reaching out to vendors or making appointments for at least a little bit. Instead, take the time to enjoy just BEING engaged and get your thoughts together. You’ll also want to sit down with your future spouse as well as talk to your families to come up with a potential budget. You’ll also want to figure out what month or year you can realistically plan a wedding for. Be sure to check out our wedding planning checklist for a guide to what to do and when.

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3. Go Wedding Dress Shopping

We HIGHLY recommend using our wedding checklist (above) and coming up with a step-by-step plan before jumping into something as important as wedding dress shopping. Ideally you’ll want to wait until you’ve not only decided on your wedding budget but picked a location as well as time of year (or better yet you’ll have the wedding venue decided on) before you decide on a dress. That’s because the state, venue, and time of year you choose for your wedding will most likely impact what type of wedding dress you get. So while you can start to get an idea of what wedding dress style you want by looking at wedding dresses online and in magazines, you’re better off not going into a store and trying one on and tempting yourself to buy it until you have those big details in place.

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4. Answering Questions About Your Guest List or Wedding Party

As soon as you get engaged you might get friends, family and co-workers asking you when and where you’re getting married. They might even be bold enough to ask if they’re invited OR if they’ll be in your wedding party. While it’s OK to tell your bestie she’ll be a bridesmaid if you know there’s no question about it, it’s better instead to answer inquiring minds with a polite “I’m just so excited about the engagement we haven’t even begun to make plans yet!” That way until you send out the Save the Dates or think of who you want standing by your side on your wedding day, there won’t be any hurt feelings if plans change down the road.

5. Be Flexible

Speaking of those secret Pinterest boards, don’t feel locked into any wedding ideas you might have had BEFORE you got engaged. Sure, you might have been dreaming of a strapless wedding gown and grey bridesmaid dresses or even a metallic and pink wedding palette and a naked wedding cake. Just realize that all those ideas might get thrown out the window as soon as you find your dream wedding venue or look at your wedding budget and decide donuts might be better instead. Start being flexible now and you will avoid any confusion or disappointment later on.

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6. Stress Out

It’s easier said than done, but listen to us. DO NOT STRESS OUT RIGHT NOW. You will surely have some days or weeks closer to your wedding date where you want to go running down the street screaming about how much your wedding favors will cost you, but until then realize that you’ve got this. You really, really, do. We promise.

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