5 Ways to Help Your Bridesmaids Save Money

bridesmaid cost

Let’s face it: Everything about weddings is expensive. Whether you’re throwing a wedding or going to a wedding, the wedding costs can add up…fast! And while you love your guests and they love you, it can seem at times like weddings can end up costing the BOTH of you A LOT of money.

While we’ve talked about ways to save money at your wedding, we haven’t yet addressed how to help your guests–especially your bridesmaids–attend your wedding without breaking the bank.

Even though the average wedding guest will spend $673 this year, bridesmaids can expect to pay between $1,500-$1,800 (and more) as part of the wedding party. So, what’s a bride to do?

We’ve come up with a few ways you can help cut costs for your bridesmaids, below, so you can all have a great time at the wedding and STRESS LESS. Because once your wedding is over, your friends will still be there for you. So make the wedding planning process as easy and cost-effective as possible for everybody involved!

How are you helping your bridesmaids spend less at your wedding? Talk to us in the comments section!

bridesmaid cost

1. Let your friends pick out their own bridesmaid dress (or wear something they already have)

Personally speaking, I might have a hard time telling my bridesmaids to “Wear whatever you want!” I am not that loosey-goosey about anything in life. Lol. What I WOULD tell them, however, is the color family I was thinking of and go from there. Ask them if they have, for example, a pastel pink dress they would want to wear. If not, how would they feel about buying one in their price range? That way each bridesmaid can buy a dress (in the color you want) that she can afford.

bridesmaid cost
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2. Combine your bachelorette party/wedding shower

This especially makes sense if you are asking bridesmaids to travel. If you are, a great way to make sure they only have to pay for one flight (aside from the wedding) is to have your bachelorette party and wedding shower the same weekend. That’s what I actually ended up doing, and I thought it worked out great. We had the bridal shower in Miami on a Saturday, and then my girlfriends and I went out that night for dinner/dancing/shenanigans. My husband planned his bachelor party for the same weekend (also out of town), so we could both meet back home at the airport on that Sunday way too hungover.

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bridesmaid cost

3. Forego the bridesmaid gift and opt to pay for a substantial expense, instead

If you can do both (pay for a gift and an expense), that’s of course awesome. But if you have to pick one, I suggest opting to pay for something big, such as a night at the wedding hotel, dinner at your bachelorette party, shoes or the actual bridesmaid dress. Another fun idea is to pay for their hair and/or makeup the day of your wedding (if you are bringing a wedding makeup artist in), or opt to give them a gift certificate to a hair salon or blow-dry bar that they can use on the day of your wedding or whenever.

bridesmaid cost

4. Speaking of gifts, have them skip your wedding gift, or go in on one together

Having to pay for a bridesmaid dress, hair and makeup, plane ticket, hotel, and bachelorette fun is a ton of money without having to also buy a wedding gift. While most of your bridesmaids might insist on getting you a wedding gift, the more that you can communicate to them that it’s not necessary, the more money they’ll be able to save. Or, if they won’t have it any other way, ask if they can all go in on one small gift that will have even more sentimental value.

bridesmaid cost

5. Above all, remember that asking a friend to be a bridesmaid is a big responsibility

Being a bridesmaid  is a big ask (as detailed in this funny 12 Rules Every Bridesmaid Should Live By), and while we all hope our best friends and family can be a part of our wedding party, it’s not something that should be assumed. When you do ask someone to be your bridesmaid, make sure you make it clear that you understand what it entails time and money-wise, and also ask if it’s something they are comfortable with. Make sure they know that if they’re not able to do it, it’s not something you would or will ever get mad at. If they do accept, it’s always a good idea to do monthly sanity checks with your friends to see how it’s going, and if you’re asking above and beyond what they are able to do. Remember that while a good bridesmaid will always have your back, a good bride will, too. 🙂

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