Cutest Photo Booth Proposal EVER

Personally, we’re not ones for over-the-top proposals. While writing your name in the sky or having “Will You Marry Me” light up the board at a sports event is amazing, there’s something equally as sweet (if not more so) of a proposal that is unexpected and intimate yet still completely awwww-worthy. Which is exactly how we feel about this photo booth proposal recently posted on Reddit.

Here’s how it went down. Kevin Moran brought his girlfriend and high school sweetheart Molly McGinnis into a photo booth on their 7th anniversary. As the two lovebirds got ready for the photo booth to start taking photos, Kevin took out the ring box and asked THE question to Molly. She was so honestly shocked and happy at the same time that it’s adorable to watch. What’s great is that the photo booth took a photo for every stage of the proposal. His asking, her reacting, and then her saying ‘Yes’ and the two of them kissing. What’s even better is that the photo booth also takes video of your shoot that you can watch online afterwards. How awesome is that?

The photo booth is now my new favorite wedding proposal idea!

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