11 Mother of the Groom Dresses She’ll Love

Mother of the groom dresses are very similar to mother of the bride dresses in that you want something that makes your mom or future MIL feel great while still fitting in with your overall wedding vibe. Even though two-piece suits or dresses with jackets are a popular choice for many moms, there’s absolutely no rule that says that your mother-in-law can’t look sexy and chic, which means she shouldn’t have to cover-up if she doesn’t want to!

Yes, you don’t want her wearing something that is so insane that everybody talks about it, nor do you want her wearing white (this is the only real big color no-no that still exists, not only for the mother of the groom and mother of the bride but guests as well)…but if you’re OK with it, there’s no reason why the mother of the groom shouldn’t wear pink or red or purple. While bright colors can and should be encouraged, other colors such as black, navy, and champagne are also classic and gorgeous. Just make sure that whatever is decided is something that you as well as the mother of the groom AND mother of the bride have talked about beforehand, so there’s no surprises (such as duplicate dresses or colors) in sight.

Whether you’re getting married in a ballroom or beach or your own backyard in the summer, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to mother of the groom dresses IF your future MIL is open to it. And if not, she should absolutely wear what makes her feel the most comfortable.

A few of our favorite mother of the groom dresses are below. One thing that my mom pointed out (I’m here visiting with her) is that it can be tough looking at dresses online when all the models are 5′ 11″ and 135 lbs. If you’re in communication with your future MIL about her dress, reassure her that even though she might not think the dresses will fit/look good on her, you just want to get a sense of the style she likes. Does she prefer a long dress, short dress, long sleeves, halter-style, or off-the-shoulder? Having her see a wide variety of styles will definitely help her narrow down the types of dresses she prefers, which might give you both a better sense of where to look.

Does your mother of the groom have her dress picked out yet?

This would be fun for a beach wedding!

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