19 Long Mother of the Bride Dresses You’ll Want to Borrow for Yourself

Shopping for long mother of the bride dresses can be way more stressful than it has to be. Why? Because you most likely have an opinion of what looks good on your mother (and what will look good with your wedding colors), and she knows what she likes best and what she feels most comfortable in. It’s not hard, however, to come to a happy compromise because there are so many gorgeous long mother of the bride dresses out there to satisfy the both of you!

Whether you’re getting married on the beach or in a ballroom, we’ve compiled a few of our recent favorite finds that we think would look gorgeous as mother of the bride dresses. We focused on long dresses since so many people are specifically looking for that, but keep in mind that many of these styles can be shortened as well (especially after the wedding to create a dress that can be worn to more cocktail parties/casual events).

I personally love seeing mother of the brides (and grooms!) wearing bold/bright dresses that play up your wedding colors/theme. The two yellow dresses we’ve selected are my favorites, as is that gorgeous orange/pink dress. Those have spring/summer weddings written all of them. Getting married later in the year? The hunter green and burgundy options are beautiful, too!

Check out our Pinterest page for more long mother of the bride dresses.

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