18 of the Most Beautiful Calla Lily Bouquets Ever

Planning a wedding obviously involves a lot of decision-making, and oftentimes the selection process can be overwhelming because of the sheer number of possibilities for things like your wedding dress, the type of wedding cake, and of course wedding venues. But one of the toughest choices you’ll end up making is your wedding day flowers — especially when you consider every sort of bouquet and arrangement you’ll need, from the groom’s boutonniere to centerpieces for the reception — because they’ll ultimately tie the entire wedding together.

Florists are definitely a huge help, but it’s best to approach them with a general idea of what you want. If you’re totally lost, or curious about calla lilies — one of the most popular choices for brides — look no further. We’ve broken down everything there is to know about the flower for creating a bouquet, and even included a few of our favorite arrangements, below.

The Basics

As it turns out, calla lilies aren’t actually lilies at all — instead, they’re perennial bulbs. Known for their long, pliable stems, the flowers grow in shades of white, cream, pink, yellow, purple, green, and orange. Though they’re often seen in weddings during the warmer parts of the year, calla lilies don’t necessarily have to be bought in season since they can survive frost. However, they typically bloom in late spring.


According to Fifty Flowers, an arrangement of 15 stems costs $74.99 — putting each flower around $5 each. However, the good thing about these flowers is that you don’t need a lot of them. They can easily be combined with less expensive flowers to make a statement.


Of course, you can’t even consider which wedding flowers you’re going to choose without seeing them. Here are a few bouquets that any bride would be lucky to have!

Matching Yellow & White

via Junebug Weddings

Hint of Purple

via Callaway Gable/Butterfly Floral

A Tropical Dream

via IrynaFleur on Etsy

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All White

via Afloral

Baby’s Breath

via JD Howell Photography

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Orange Blooms

via Trish Barker Photography

Combined with Orchids, Italian Ruscus & Bear Grass

via The English Wedding

Blush Pink

via MGFloralDesign on Etsy

Sweet Succulents

via Pinterest

All Red

via Isari Flower Studio + Event Design

Paired with Roses

via Jodi & Kurt Photography

Deep, Dark Purple

via Wedding Wire

Simple & Modern

via Aurelia D’Amore/Denise Fasanello


via Happy Wedd

Cascade Style

via Afloral

Dark to Light

via Dana Fernandez Photography


via George Street Photo & Video

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    Combined with Orchids, Italian Ruscus & Bear Grass is perfect for what we are looking for. How do I get that?