The Most Important Thing to Remember When DIY’ing Your Wedding Flowers

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When we first met with the florist for our wedding, we had so many grand ideas of how we wanted the event to be decorated. Romantic centerpieces, cascading flowers, a dreamy landscape of winter whites and greenery. The worst part was my Pinterest searches led me to believe flower walls and florals down the spiral staircase were, in fact, an affordable option. That was until we received a $100,000 flower budget from the florist. Yikes. I’m still floored at the cost! And even though we ended up going with a different florist and the less expensive quote, we STILL paid a pretty penny for it all. Don’t get me wrong, I was super happy. But it did get me thinking: Could I have done our wedding flowers myself? And if I did, where was the best place to start? Lucky for you we’ve teamed up with FiftyFlowers to give you all the info you’ll need to DIY your wedding flowers AND enjoy the process.

You’ve most likely heard about FiftyFlowers in your wedding planning research, but they are so much more than meets the eye. One of our favorite online destinations for wholesale flowers, FiftyFlowers are shipped fresh from the farm straight to your door! Inspired by the DIY bride, they offer an extensive selection of fresh flowers, greenery, and floral accessories – because anyone (even those of us who might be skeptical of our talents) can create their own gorgeous wedding flowers.

DIY Wedding Flowers Roses
Source: Kayla Bri Photography. Flowers by FiftyFlowers

In fact, the goal at FiftyFlowers is to help you create the DIY wedding flowers of your dreams on a budget that works for YOU. They know that we’re all unique, which is why they strive to help you create your very own vision through amazing customer service and an awesome selection of products (which actually makes DIY’ing your wedding flowers so much easier than you thought).

Thinking of DIY’ing your wedding flowers? Here’s everything you’ll need to give you a fresh start:

Get Inspired

If you’re a DIY beginner or are just looking for great ideas, we recommend starting your flower search in the “Make This Look” section on This is where FiftyFlowers showcases real bouquets, centerpieces, and more, along with a “recipe” for each of the looks  that you can e-mail to yourself and add to your cart. It could not be easier, especially considering FiftyFlowers has one of the most extensive selections of wholesale flowers available anywhere, including favorites such as Roses, Garden Roses, Fresh Rose Petals, Peonies, Tulips, and Hydrangeas, and even unique stems like Protea, Billy Balls, Scabiosa Pods, Succulents, and Air Plants. Plus, all of the fillers and greens you could think of!

Looking for a fun mix of flowers that look great together? Check out the DIY Combos, which are curated boxes of mixed flowers and greens, making it easy to create your own bouquets and centerpieces. You can shop by flower type, color or shop the already arranged centerpieces, gift arrangements, and specialty items. If you need help deciding which DIY wedding flowers to choose, you can schedule a FREE phone consult with the FiftyFlowers resident wedding planner who can help with flower choices, determining quantities, and can even give flower-specific care tips.

DIY Wedding Flowers Mix
Source: FreeHope Photography. Flowers by FiftyFlowers

Know When To Order

One of the most important things to figure out when DIY’ing your wedding flowers is how to make sure they’re fresh for your wedding day. Thankfully FiftyFlowers has you covered. FiftyFlowers recommends placing your order 2-4 weeks before your event to guarantee the flowers you want. Once you’ve determined the type of DIY wedding flowers you want, you can check out the product page, where the recommended delivery date will be listed. (For example, Vendela Ivory Roses should be delivered 3 days before your event). Within 24 hours of placing your order, FiftyFlowers will call you to discuss the optimal delivery dates for blooming and arranging for your event date. How easy is that?

DIY Wedding Flowers Bridesmaids
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Let Your Inner Designer Come Out

You’ve placed the order! Hooray! Now what? Explore ideas for how to arrange your DIY wedding flowers (and get pro tips)  by following FiftyFlowers’ video tutorials. The videos will walk you through each step of building everything from your bouquet to those boutonnieres. Um, are you Martha Stewart now?! You will definitely feel like it. For even more motivation, don’t miss their Flower Stories section, where you can read real stories from brides who DIY’ed their wedding flowers and how they did it (they are SO inspiring).

Ready to start creating your own wedding design? Click here to start shopping for your wedding flowers now at FiftyFlowers. 

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