18 of the Funniest Wedding Koozies That Guests Will WANT to Keep

Wedding koozies aren’t just for casual summer weddings drinking beer in the backyard. With the right one, wedding koozies can actually be totally perfect for formal weddings as well (we love that high/low combination!). But where do you find them, and what should you put on them?

We think wedding koozies are a lot like wedding hashtags. You’ll want to think of ways you can personalize it in a cute/punny way while still making sense for guests. Or you can straight up copy one of the sayings on these wedding koozies in the gallery, above.

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The best places to find wedding koozies are online and Etsy for designs that take them up a notch. When it comes to designs and sayings for them, we definitely recommend making them something that guests will want to keep and use after. You don’t HAVE to put your wedding date on there….you don’t even have to put your names, to be honest. Guests will know exactly where they came from, and will remember the great time they had at your wedding every time they take a sip.

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