10 Delicious Ideas for a Brunch Wedding

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Brunch is universally the best friend of meals. Not only is the food outrageously delicious, but the casual and relaxed atmosphere of a great brunch pretty much makes it everyone’s favorite meal. So when you combine the leisurely love of a great brunch with a delightful wedding ceremony and reception? The result is bound to magical. Plus, a brunch wedding is a welcomed retreat to the many black-tie receptions your guests will be attending all year long. And the great thing about a brunch wedding reception? You can still hold one any time of the year – as a fireside brunch in the winter is just as lovely as a high-tea inspired reception in the spring.

1. The Favors

Though we can think of a ton of brunch-inspired wedding favors, these chocolate covered coffee beans wrapped up in witty packaging are up there as one of our favorites. Cheeky, delicious, and very DIY friendly without having to be a craft genius.

2. Vintage Coffee Mugs

We love the idea of incorporating vintage coffee mugs just about anywhere in the reception. Be it as part of each guest’s place setting or as a wedding favor display, as done in this cheerful brunch wedding. Guests can feel free to grab a mug that suits their taste. Plus, the colors are so bright and welcoming, we can’t help but smile.

3. The Coffee Cart

The charm of an artisanal coffee shop right at your very own wedding. This craft-coffee inspired coffee cart is the perfect addition to a brunch wedding. Not only will guests get their caffeine fix, but they’ll love the charm of this rustic cart. Props if the barista can make latte-art with your new monogram.

4. Mini Delicacies

So many brunch treats to dream of, but what should you actually include on your menu as little bites? Our vote are these chicken and waffle sliders that we bet taste as delicious as they look. Plus, it’s the perfect accompaniment to those bloody mary’s you should definitely be serving.

Photography by The Reasonvia 100 Layer Cake
Photography by The Reason via 100 Layer Cake

5. Donut Wall

A wall filled with donuts? It can’t be true. We’re not sure if we love this display more than we love the taste of a warm, chocolate frosted donut in the morning. Either way, this display totally rocks the brunch wedding game.

Photography by The Grovers via Style Me Pretty
Photography by The Grovers via Style Me Pretty

6. Saturday Morning Records

There’s something so soothing about playing your favorite record on a Saturday morning. If you’re having an intimate brunch wedding you may not really need that large band. Instead, consider setting up a display in the corner with your record player and your favorite albums. We recommend putting a friend in charge of keeping the music going, so you don’t have to worry about flipping the record over. Romantic and nostalgic, and guests won’t even miss the sounds of a band or DJ.

7. The Cake

Just because you’re choosing to have a brunch wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t still have an awesome wedding cake. Forgo the fondant-covered cakes and sugar flowers for a naked cake adorned in fresh berries. Naked wedding cakes are simple and delicious without being overly sweet. And when filled with lemon buttercream? Perfect for a wedding brunch reception.

8. Crepe Cakes

We must admit, we’ve dreamed of trying the crepe cakes from Lady M Confections. A delicately light pastry cream in flavors such as vanilla, green tea, marron, coconut and citron is sandwiched between layers of your favorite French treat stacked up to form a wedding cake. Each cake can serve up to 45 guests, and all you’ve got to do is dust with powdered sugar, and serve. Yum.

Via Lady M
Via Lady M

9. Citrus Accents

Brunch is the perfect time to skimp on large floral centerpieces and instead opt for fresh ideas, like lemons (and tons of them). We love the idea of adorning large wooden tables with strings of fresh lemons and greenery. And when matched with simple place settings, the result is a classic tablescape.

See our favorite fruit wedding centerpieces here!

10. Candy Confections

Of course you’ll need to supply sugar alongside a great cup of coffee. And there’s little more adorable than Sugarfina’s Kyoto Blossoms. Imported from Japan, these tiny neon sugar flowers can be eaten plain, but can also be added to coffee for extra sweetening. Another bonus? You can serve them alongside mini champagne bottles, because they’ll turn your champagne different colors. They’re a Japanese symbol of hospitality, and now you can treat your guests to them too.

Photo viaSugarfina
Photo via Sugarfina

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