This Popular Grocery Store Actually Has a Great Deal on Wedding Flowers

whole foods wedding flowers

Chances are you’ve heard the saying, Whole Paycheck, in reference to the high-end supermarket chain Whole Foods. But believe it or not, when it comes to wedding flowers the word Wholesale is more like it.

Not that there’s NOT a markup on their wedding flowers–there definitely is!–but compared to how much wedding flowers cost on average, they’re actually not too shabby. Check out the prices from Reddit user Laur371, who recently wrote about her experience with their floral department:

I first heard about using them from weddit but have had trouble finding prices on the internet. I wanted to share my experience (I have booked with Whole Foods).

For reference: I am having a medium size traditional wedding in the NorthEast US.

I have found the florist at my local WF to be friendly and down to earth. She has a little office within the store to discuss things with, but yes, you are still in a supermarket. Her job is exclusively to do wedding flowers.

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Rates are extremely reasonable for my area. She is charging $65 per centerpiece, which is a 5×5 glass vase with in season flowers for my wedding (roses, hydrangea, dahlia). She is providing the vase for me to own, but you are able to provide your own and she will take $$ off the quote.

My bridal bouquet will be $60 and bridesmaids will be $30. She told me both will be “standard size” and the cost savings is because I am using in season flowers.

They are charging me $100 delivery and set up fee on the day of my wedding.

10% deposit is due up front, rest on the week of the wedding.

So far, I am very happy with the price and service.

Edit (additional info): wedding is late September so flowers are in season for fall. Also want to clarify that I am not purchasing cut flowers for vases. These a fully arranged, relatively elaborate, arrangements!

I also saw a story from another bride who got all of her wedding flowers (bouquet, five bridesmaids, boutonnieres, corsages for the moms, ceremony pieces, and high and low centerpieces) for less than $1,000. Those prices seriously sound amazing! And it’s truly surprising to me because I find their regular, everyday bouquet prices pretty steep!

Now keep in mind that Whole Food prices will vary across the country (but not by that much) and it will all depend which type of wedding flowers you want and if they’re in season or not. Below is Whole Foods wedding flower pricing I found for two stores, the first in Raleigh and the second in Charlotte.



If you have a Whole Foods in your area and are looking to save money on your wedding flowers (and really, who isn’t) I would definitely give them a call. And we’d love to hear from you when you do! Let us know how much they quoted you in the comments section below.

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  1. says: Lauren

    Marcella from WholeFoods in Middletown, NJ did an absolutely amazing job for our wedding this past September. After hearing my “vision”, Marcella knew exactly what I wanted, more so than I did. She went above and beyond throughout the entire process (and I can be persistent bordering on annoying with details :)). Everything, from the bouquets to the boutonnieres to the centerpieces to the breathtaking Chuppah were more than we could have dreamed.

    Many of our guests could not believe WholeFoods was responsible for our arrangement, and that it wasn’t DIY! The prices are as amazing as the flowers (Former brides, including my sister-in-law, were a bit jealous that our flowers cost less than 1/3 of what theirs did :)) I will always recommend Marcella and team (or a local WholeFoods) for any event in need of flowers!