25 of the Most Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Flowers Ever

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While planning a wedding IS fun, there’s also the stressful stuff like planning your wedding budget or making tough decisions about who makes your wedding guest list. However, there are certain aspects that are as exciting as they sound… like flower shopping! When picking out wedding flowers, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful variety of blooms, ranging in color, type, and season. Depending on how much you plan to incorporate them, you can end up looking for flowers for everything from bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces and wall decorations.

If florals are your thing, then you should definitely embrace them when it comes time for your wedding. If you can afford it, there’s no harm in putting a big chunk of your budget toward flowers. Here, we’ll be going over the most extravagant of options for brides that are able to spend a pretty penny. But if you’re not one of them, don’t worry! You can still draw inspiration and get ideas for your own wedding.

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Flower Terminology

Before we serve up the dreamiest wedding floral arrangements and decor, there are a few important terms that you should know ahead of meeting with a florist or wedding planner.

Biedermeier: A type of bouquet that consists of several different blooms all wired in circular rows

Boutonnières: A spray of flowers typically pinned to the outfits of groomsmen and a couple’s close male family members and friends

Chuppah/Huppah: A canopy (that many couples choose to adorn with flowers) beneath which Jewish marriage ceremonies are performed

Cascade: A type of bouquet where waterfall-esque flowers descend below the main portion of the design

Composite/Glamelia: A type of bouquet that’s composed of individual flower petals

Corsage: A spray of flowers typically pinned to the outfits of a couple’s close female family members and friends

Dais: Also known as an altar arrangement, a floral arrangement that sits at the center of a low table during a wedding ceremony

Dome/Round: A type of bouquet with a precise dome shape that typically uses a single type of flower. Though they’re often monochromatic, some use multiple shades of the same bloom.

Filler: Florals that add texture and bulk to an arrangement, such as baby’s breath or ivy

Flower Wall: Wall panels covered in florals and greenery

Garland: A decorative band or chain of greenery and flowers

Hand-Tied: A type of bouquet that’s secured with fabric or twine rather than a wire. Oftentimes less uniform than round or nosegay bouquets, these are popular at rustic and bohemian-styled weddings.

Nosegay: A type of bouquet that’s small, round and consists of both greenery and flowers all cut to the same length. These are a popular choice for bridesmaids.

Pomander: A type of bouquet that’s ball-shaped and suspended from a ribbon

Posy: A type of bouquet that’s small (often smaller than nosegay bouquets), round and mostly consists of flowers

Tussy Mussy: A type of bouquet that consists of a small group of flowers placed in a vase

Trellis: A frame that supports climbing plants and flowers

The Best of the Best

Prepare to have your breath taken away by these incredible wedding flower arrangements! We’ve included a mix of bouquets, centerpieces, decorations, and more.

Stairwell to Heaven

via Hydrangea Weddings

Full-Blown Feathered Fun

via Lilly Red Creative

Draped Decadence

via Duke Photography

Spring Shades Arch

via Flowers Lovers

Pretty in Pink Flower Wall

via Wayfair

Not Your Average Centerpieces

via Yanni Design Studio

Lots of Color

via Lin & Jirsa Photography

Plenty of Peonies

via ella & louie

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Dramatic Cascade

via Flou(-e)r

Gorgeous Greenery

via A Good Affair

Deep Colored Details

via Liezl Kotze

Sweet & Wild

via Green Leaf Floral Design

A Centerpiece Within Centerpieces

via Rachel A. Clingen

Autumnal Extravagance

via Wedding Flowers

Berry Colored Beauty

via Prashe Decor

Aisle Lined and Arched

via Soil and Stem

Mixed Textures

via Bridal Pulse

Fireplace Goals

via Wedding Ideas Mag

A Waterfall of Spring

via Jo Photo

Midsommar Vibes

via CC Party Marketplace UK

Floral Aisle

via The Everyday Vogue

Tropical Dreamland

via The Eventeur

Classic Made Better

via Tina Jafrate-Ramscar Weddings

Roses on Roses on Roses

via Designs by Oochay

The Ultimate Chuppah

via Leila Brewster Photography

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