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used wedding decor

A lot of things you plan to purchase for your wedding are sadly, one time use. That can take its toll not only on the environment, but on your wallet as well.

A smart, simple and eco-friendly way to shop would be to opt for used wedding decor. Now, don’t let the term “used” fool you. Most pieces will look (and be!) as good as new. From candleholders to centerpieces, string lights and more, there’s a lot of life left to be had in used wedding decor. So why not use it? 

We wanted to share some of our favorite resources for finding used wedding decor, below. You’ll find a ton of wedding goods online, but you should also reach out to your friends and family. You never know which friend or relative has 20 gorgeous vases just sitting in their garage.

And always remember, before you buy online make sure you follow the same advice we give to brides searching for used wedding dresses: Be smart and be careful. If you’re buying from someone in person make sure it’s in public. And if you’re buying online ideally you can purchase from a place that offers buyer’s protection (like Facebook and Etsy).

Also keep in mind that used wedding decor isn’t always cheaper. Those 12 gold wedding candle holders for $10 might sound like a bargain, but a simple Google search might show nearly identical options for half the price.

You’ll also want to consider whether it makes more sense to pay for wedding rentals than to BUY used glassware, votives, or backdrops. Unless you have a place to store those 20 used vases you bought for your table centerpieces, using rental companies will always make more sense.

It’s also worth noting that there are a lot of professional sellers on these sites in addition to former brides. If you’re really on the hunt for “used” or “vintage” wedding decor, make sure you ask the seller for details.

With that said, here are some of our favorite places to find high-quality, used wedding decor online.

The Best Places to Find Used Wedding Decor Online


This one may seem like a no-brainer. While many brides-to-be head to Etsy for custom, one of a kind pieces, they may not realize that Etsy is also chock full of repurposed, vintage, and used wedding décor that just may be exactly what they are looking for. From signage to drapery, vases and table signs and numbers – you can pretty much find anything you’re looking for on Etsy, and often at an awesome price. 

WGM Says: Don’t forget to consider the cost of shipping when buying from another seller online. Since larger stores often offer free shipping, it’s not always cost-effective to buy used.

used wedding favors

Wedding Recycle

Appropriately named, WeddingRecycle.com is an online hub for all gently used wedding items from gowns to goblets. Beautiful signageLED light curtains, mini donut-holders, and even these key bottle opener favors await. You’ll spend hours browsing the easy-to-navigate categories including ceremony decor, centerpieces, tablecloths and aisle runners, and even bridal party accessories. As an added bonus, head back to the site one you’ve now been pronounced a Mrs. and you can re-sell your own used wedding decor, accessories, and even your dress all in one spot. 

used wedding decor

Ask Your Friends and Family

Ain’t no shame in the recycling game when it comes to friends and family. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. Plus, if it’s someone that really loves you, they may even give their stuff away. (But always offer something in return, it’s just the right thing to do.) If you loved your cousins bar signage, flower girl basket and ring pillow, or just have to have those sequin table runners your sister in law had at her sweetheart table, just ask! We always take inspo for our own weddings from past weddings we have attended. And this way you can take the inspo – literally! We know this technically isn’t “shopping” but it’s the way things got done in the olden days – so embrace the experience. They’ll feel good, and you’ll save a bunch of room in your wedding budget. 

used wedding sign

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace gives you instant, real-time access to thousands of pieces of beautiful used wedding decor literally at your fingertips. After their honeymoons, people are practically begging for the boxes and boxes of no-longer-needed reception decor to be taken off their hands, often at a fraction of the cost or even FREE! (How cute is this wooden seating sign?) Just be sure when you’re shopping online to practice smart peer-to-peer shopping, like meeting in a public place and not sharing personal information. 

used wedding decor seating cards


As you’ll quickly see when you start to browse Etsy and eBay, it can be hard to focus in on used wedding decor vs. regular listings even when you use the search terms “vintage” or “used.” That’s one of the reasons we like the Wedzee marketplace. You can search for “pre-loved” items for your wedding reception while also filtering them by your wedding colors. Looking for new wedding decoration ideas as well? Wedzee also features handcrafted and new items across categories such as bridal accessories, cake and dessert, ceremony, groom and groomsmen, reception and wedding dresses. The site is new so expect a few hiccups here and there, but it’s worth checking out!

used wedding decor


One of the original online services for used wedding decor, this site makes it simple for both buyers and sellers. They have an easy-to navigate search and filter feature that will let you select “wedding decorations” and will display all their in-stock items. (And also their ‘out of stock’ which is slightly confusing). Last we checked they didn’t have a ton of decor, but keep checking back for unique finds.

used wedding decor


As one, of the larger online marketplaces for all items wedding-related, BravoBride offers wedding fashion and accessories in addition to a plethora of used wedding decor just waiting to be reused. A quick search on the site under the “reception” tab reveals over 1,800 items including signage, vases, linens (like these geometric table runners), and even a light up hashtag sign – perfect for making sure your guests know how to tag your big day on Instagram!

With all these options for used wedding decor just a few clicks away, there’s almost no need to buy new! Buying used wedding decor will not only save you money within your wedding budget, but is also eco-friendly, gives purpose to items  that would otherwise be collecting dust, and adds charm (and luck!) to your wedding day dreams. 

Used Wedding Decor FAQ

What type of used wedding decor is best?

When it comes to used wedding decor, you’ll want to think about buying pieces that won’t take up a ton of space if you plan to keep them after. You could also look for items that won’t get a lot of wear and tear and can be used and sold again. things like vases, string lights, faux greenery, even fabric that can be used for your cake table are great! On the other hand, obviously things like aisle runners and candles won’t work. Also, try to stay away from trends that might not be in style in a year or two.

How do I know what kind of wedding decor I need?

Once you decide on your wedding venue and general wedding colors, start to think about what you’ll need to help make your event stand out. There are practical items like a seating charts, place card holders, and table numbers that most weddings need. Then there are fun items like photo backdrops, decorative lanterns, and even furniture pieces for a lounge area. Start by looking at your budget and how much you can spend on decor, then create a wishlist of items from within that that you can start shopping for.

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