What to Put On Your Wedding Website to Make Sure Guests are Informed

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Wedding websites make it SO much easier for guests to get all the information they need for your wedding in one place (which will also save YOU from answering e-mails and phone calls about who should be where and when). We seriously can’t even think about what planning and communication was like before we had these saving grace tools! But what exactly should you put on your wedding website? And how do you strike a balance between not enough detail and information overload? Appy Couple has thankfully alleviated some of this guesswork with their built-in, editable sections, which mean your wedding website and app practically build themselves. Here’s what you’ll find:

The Welcome Page

This is your chance for a first impression. Most of your guests will land here their initial visit to your site so you don’t want to bombard them with a whole lot of stuff. Keep it simple with a brief, inviting message, and let them know you’ll be updating as you go. Pick a photo that captures you as a couple or highlights the location of the wedding, and start to set the stage for the big event!

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This section is designed for you to share snapshots of your journey together. It’s a fun way to guide your guests through the story of how it all began and the milestones along the way to becoming engaged. Add vacation shots, anniversaries, holidays – anything you want to illustrate along with a sweet caption. These are the moments that stand out, while others can go into your Gallery section.

Key People

Here’s where important people in the wedding get a big ol’ shout-out. This could be your family and your fiancé’s family, your bridesmaids and your groomsmen, or anyone else you want to feature. Add pictures of each person along with some fun facts and what they mean to you. It’s a nice way to show your appreciation and give other guests the chance to ‘meet’ the VIPs before your big day.

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This section is the star of the show and will likely be the most frequented part of your app, leading up to and day-of your wedding. Every couple has a unique plan so whether you only focus on the Ceremony and Reception, or want to add things like the Bachelor Party, Rehearsal Dinner, and Farewell Brunch – it’s completely up to you. One feature we totally love about Appy is that you can create private events with separate guest lists so only those who are meant to see these details will see them. Provide venue address and directions, timing, instructions on transportation and attire, availability of child care, etc. Appy’s list of widgets provide helpful prompts for the kind of questions people are likely to ask, so this is the perfect opportunity to address them.

Travel & Hotels

For those able to join the celebration, they’ll want to know how to get there and where to stay. Consider the needs of the out-of-towners by including nearby airports and train stations, preferred accommodations or hotel room blocks. You can even add Appy’s Hotels widget, which links to a search engine designed to offer discounts to your guests when they book. Many couples also include favorite local activities and dining spots to round out the travel experience for family and friends.


If you’ve already selected where to register, add a custom widget with your link or find the widget for that retailer among their list. If you haven’t decided yet, Appy can give you ideas and help inspire a choice, including easy-to-use cash gifting options for guests.

The Gallery

Here’s a chance to showcase all your glam shots, your silly shots, professional photos or spontaneous candids. What’s great about the Gallery in Appy is that it’s a two-way street so not only can you display images you cherish but your guests can easily upload pics they’ve saved or ones they’ve just snapped on their phones while attending your wedding. You can even live stream your Gallery to see your event from every angle, in real time. Appy Couple gives hosts final editing rights, so if one of your guests adds a picture you don’t like, you can easily delete it. You can also download the entire collection in one click!

Guestbook, Countdown, & Toasts

These sections keep your guests involved and in the festive mood by allowing them to leave you messages, count down the remaining days with you or send you fun champagne toasts! Since you can keep your Appy website forever, you’ll have these notes to look back on whenever you want to take a fun trip down memory lane.

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