Inn at Serenbe

Inn at Serenbe
10950 Hutcheson Ferry Rd.
Palmetto, GA 30268
Phone: (770) 463-2610
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Average Base Cost: $30,000

Average base cost for an Inn at Serenbe wedding  is calculated by figuring a 125 -person guest list for a 6-hour event rental of the property on a Saturday night featuring top-shelf bar options and a buffet meal as well as a standard flower package, linens, and tables. Transportation to venue, entertainment, and tents are not included. Average price includes gratuity and state sales tax. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand.

How it Breaks Down

Facility Rental Fee: There are several locations at the Inn at Serenbe that are used for weddings. They include the Meadow or Croquet Lawn, Open-Air Function Room (pictured below), and the Main House and/or Guest House Lawn. The facility rental fee includes use of one ceremony location and one reception location.

Inn at Serenbe
Photography by Simply Bloom


0-350 guests: $4,500
more than 351 guests: $6,000


0-350 guests: $2,500
more than 351 guests: $4,000

NOTE: If having a Saturday wedding at the Inn at Serenbe, you will have a two-night guest minimum at the Inn. If using the Meadow or Croquet Lawn, all guest rooms are required (19). If using the Open-Air Function room, you are required to rent 9 rooms. If using the Main House and/or Guest House Lawn, you’re required to rent 10 rooms. No guest rooms will be available for Friday and Saturday night if you’re having a Sunday wedding. However, you can reserve guest rooms for Sunday night.
Rates run from $210-$380/night.

Inn at Serenbe

Food: All food/beverage must be done by their in-house caterer, Gloriosa. They have come up with an easy-to-follow minimum pricing model, in which you can upgrade where needed. Their pricing scale is as follows (these do not include beverages, FYI):

50-75 Guests: $225 per person minimum
75-100 Guests: $195 per person minimum
100 -150 Guests: $175 per person minimum
150 Guests: $150 per person minimum

The minimum pricing includes:

  • Passed Hors d’oeuvres for a pre-function or cocktail hour
  • Buffets and/or active food stations
  • Seated dinner
  • Wedding Cake
  • Natural wood folding chairs for ceremony and reception
  • 60″ round tables for guest seating
  • Cotton/Polyester blend linens (available in a myriad of colors)
  • Glasses
  • China
  • Flatware
  • Guest table floral centerpieces
  • Buffet table floral centerpieces
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Select bridal party flowers
  • Staffing
  • Event set-up and break-down
  • Service
  • Tax

Click here to see a Sample Menu

Upgrade items that will cause the price to go up include:


  • Family style dinner
  • Multiple active stations
  • Grazing stations
  • Market priced food items
  • Dessert stations
  • Elaborate wedding cake with detailed decorative design or over three tiers


  • Chiavari chairs (resemble bamboo)
  • Satin linens, overlays, 100% cotton linen tablecloths and/or napkins
  • Estate tables
  • Specialty lighting
  • Staging
  • Dance floor
  • Tenting
  • Seasonal items (fans, heaters, side wall, etc.)


  • Ceremony aisle (pew markers)
  • Ceremony front (urns, trellis, arch, chuppah, etc.)
  • Large bridal party
  • Peonies, calla lilies, orchids, David Austin roses, and other higher priced floral choices


  • Dramatic vignettes
  • Drapery treatment
  • Furniture groupings


  • Increased Staffing (full bars, seated serve or family style dinners)
  • Numerous delivery fees associated with large scale tent, lighting installs

Beverage: Beverage/alcohol packages start at $14-$32/per person for the entire event.

What’s Included: For catering, everything listed in the minimum pricing. For the venue fee, it includes use of one ceremony location and one reception location.

Party On! Site rentals are from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. However, all amplified music must be turned off by 10:30 pm

More Stats

Space Type: Outside/Covered

Size: Because there is so much open-space, you could invite up to 350 guests or more and at least one of the areas will accommodate you. If you have 85 people or below, you could also consider a wedding at the Inn’s restaurant, The Farmhouse (in which case, Gloriosa, their in-house caterer, is not used and you design a package with the Inn directly).

Food Service Type: Buffet/active food stations come with the minimum pricing package. You can choose a family-style seated dinner as an upgrade.

How Will Grandma Get There? The Inn is located 25 miles from the Atlanta airport, and 30 miles from downtown Atlanta. Ideally, a large portion of your out-of-towners would stay at the Inn, especially since it’s required for a Friday/Saturday wedding (see above).

The Report

In 1991 an Atlanta couple, Steve and Marie Nygren, bought a 60-acre farm with the idea that it would be their weekend home. Several years later, they decided to convert the farmhouse they purchased into a B&B and began a series of additions that would make up the Inn’s 19 guest rooms. With the threat of development around their farm looming, Mr. Nygren purchased an additional 900 acres adjacent to the Inn. He then joined together with neighboring landowners to establish zoning changes that would preserve 80% of the surrounding Chattahoochee Hill Country region as a “green space.” Hence, the small eco-community of Serenbe was born, with galleries, several boutiques, a bakeshop, organic farm, and three restaurants. The main restaurant is the The Farmhouse at Serenbe, located at the Inn.

Woman Getting Married Says:

There was a lot of press surrounding the community of Serenbe in 2009, with the NYTimes labeling it the “Sonoma of the South.” However, there hasn’t been much press since then, especially since the town doesn’t really “advertise” (which is not a bad thing). I love the fact that Serenbe is its own sustainable community (or at least it’s trying to be), and that guests can stay on the grounds with you. The rooms seem very nice, but as I always like to point out, there are several so-so TripAdvisor reviews that are worth reading. Having the Inn as your own destination-wedding spot is a great option because it’s so close to the airport for all your out-of-towners. (You could arrange an airport shuttle for them to/from so they do not have to rent a car.) If you’re from the Atlanta area, it’s also a great option because it’s not too far away for locals who don’t want to stay over. Overall, I think the catering prices are fair for what you’re getting, but the venue rental fee is a bit steep, especially since they’re making you occupy a % of the guest units on top of that. I would try to get the rental fee down, depending on availability, to $3,800. I would also try to negotiate a few “upgrades” into the minimum catering pricing (such as better flowers or linens), because it’s still not going to be a steal, per se. Also be sure to find other brides who got married here to see what they thought of the experience, and check out the hotel rooms for quality as well.

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Amenities/What’s Included 10
Convenient for Grandma 9
Layout 7
Location 8
Overall Charm 8
Venue Value 9

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