The One Type of Wedding Venue Every Bride Should Consider

When it comes to searching for the perfect wedding venue, we all want a place that is unique, affordable, and will make wedding planning feel easy. And while couples who live in big cities often have several venue types to choose from such as hotels, museums, and lofts, one of the best out-of-the-box places to have a wedding are urban wineries and breweries. Case in point? Brooklyn Winery, which is one of our favorite wedding venues in NYC and Brooklyn (Read our full review here). Here’s why we think every bride should consider this unique type of wedding venue:

They’re Modern Yet Rustic

If we were to design the perfect wedding venue space (or, umm, even a place to live) the aesthetic of a venue like Brooklyn Winery would top our list. With features like a floor to ceiling succulent display, reclaimed wood, vintage china, and barrels of wine washed in tons of candle light, Brooklyn Winery is romantic and rustic while still feeling completely refined and “finished” (unlike raw loft spaces that might not feel as warm).

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Brooklyn Winery

They’re Unexpected

While we love a great hotel, nobody wants to feel like they’re getting married in a wedding factory. Urban wineries tend to be sought out by couples looking for something chic and unexpected, and chances are you’ll be treating your guest list to a new favorite find.

They’re Ultra Convenient

Urban wineries are often located in great, central locations. For instance, Brooklyn Winery is just 10 minutes from Union Square via subway, and is close to top hotels in Manhattan and Brooklyn, not to mention other restaurants, bars, and shops for guests staying close to the venue.

Brooklyn Winery

They’re All About the Service

While not all urban wineries and breweries offer full-service packages, some like Brooklyn Winery include almost every bell and whistle you could think of when it comes to your wedding day. Their wedding package not only includes your venue space and event time, but a super delicious cocktail hour spread and passed hors d’oeuvres, a family-style sit-down meal and open bar, tables, chairs (their new bistro chairs are PERFECT), serveware…you name it. Not to mention an event manager who is there to work with you on anything you need. It’s like they’ve taken the best aspects of a hotel and put them into an amazing and flexible space.

Brooklyn Winery

Did We Mention the Wine?

I mean, let’s save the best for last here. The wine! Urban wineries and breweries know what they’re doing when it comes to libations. And since one of THE most important aspects of a great wedding is great food and drinks, this is one wedding planning item you’ll immediately have checked off your list.

For instance, Brooklyn Winery sources grapes from boutique vineyards across the country and make their selection of sparkling, white, rosé, red, and dessert wines right on the premises. We love that couples can customize their own wine labels, too.

If you’re looking for a chic, modern, and convenient wedding venue, you’ll definitely want to consider an urban winery or brewery. And if you’re searching for the perfect wedding venue near NYC, you should definitely check out Brooklyn Winery!

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