Wedding Song: Where to Begin

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This My Morning Jacket song was actually written for Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown. You’re not missing much if you haven’t seen the movie (it’s not Crowe’s best), but the soundtrack as usual is stellar. And yes, I listen to music other than the Cameron Crowe soundtracks. They’re all just so good!

There’s actually a great playlist on Beats music that has the best songs from his soundtracks that I was listening to the other day, and this song was on it. I forgot how much I love My Morning Jacket…Lush and romantic and just all around good.

I think “Where to Begin” would make an amazing first dance song. Give it a listen and see what you think. The lyrics are below!

Up and up and up I climb,
When I came up I was so far behind,
My head takes a lickin’,
But my heart keeps on tickin,
Just the same.

Always startin’ over but somehow,
I always know where to begin.

Round and round and round I ride,
And just when I looked I hadn’t even began,
To feel the effect,
A cool, dark fever,
On the brain.

That feelin’ takin’ over,
Like a holy rollercoaster,
To the grave.

How can I await the day?
And last the night I’m here to see?
How do I await the mother lode?

It’s the art of feeling naked in your clothes.

Again, again, again I tried,
That’s how I knew I would never be denied,
That face in the mirror,
Who could it be? It was my own.

That cool, dark figure,
That’s when I knew I was alone.

On and on and on I drive,
When will I know I have finally arrived?
So far I’ve gone, so far to go,
It never ends.

Always starting over but somehow I always know where to begin,
Always starting over but somehow I always know where to begin,
Always starting over but somehow I always know where to begin

My Morning Jacket – “Where to begin”

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