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wedding venue reviewEver wondered just how a wedding venue is reviewed on the site? Here’s how it works:

1. In order for a wedding venue to be considered for a site review, it has to first pass what I call my “taste test.” That might sound like a snotty term, but the truth of the matter is I’m picky and so are brides (as we should be)! I don’t want to review a wedding venue that I would not personally consider for my own event (or a close friend or family member’s). So, every wedding venue you see on the site has already passed that test!

2. I then contact the venue to obtain all pricing, layout, rules, and regulations. It’s important to note that the pricing information and rules/regulations I receive from a wedding venue are always subject to change. However, I do my best to update them as soon as I can!

3. After thoroughly researching a wedding venue (a process that can take several days), I either make an appointment to tour the wedding venue or I rely on brides (such as yourself) to give me the DL on the layout, vibe, and overall awesomeness of a wedding venue. While I wish I could personally see every wedding venue I write about, I am not able to geographically (though that is my goal one day!). Instead, I aim to provide all you bride-to-be’s searching for the perfect wedding venue an unfiltered and accurate write-up to help you start your wedding venue search with confidence.

4. A total wedding venue score is then generated using the following attributes (I’ve included a description for each):

Amenities/What’s Included: If a wedding venue is including furniture, serveware, staffing, etc. in their facility rental fee, this would be considered here.

Convenient for Grandma: How difficult is it going to be for your older family members to get to (and leave!) this venue. Not only that, but once they’re there will it be easy for them to get around it?

Layout: Is the venue outside only? Or is the dance floor in a totally different room than dinner tables? What about room for a ceremony, cocktail hour, AND reception?All those details will be factored in here.

Location: Is the wedding venue in a centrally located area of town or in a desirable area for guests to visit?

Overall Charm: It’s all about looks/vibe of the wedding venue for this category.

Venue Value: Are you able to BYOB? Or are there other cool features that give you a lot of bang for your buck?

That’s about it. While it’s a research-heavy part of the site that is definitely time-consuming, I LOVE doing it and hope to  keep building on it each and every day. I also rely on feedback from brides like you to learn more about wedding venues you have seen or are starting to search for. So feel free to e-mail me! I would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. says: Leora

    I think you should be more specific on if outside catering is allowed or not on some posts it’s hard to understand

    Have a category

    outside is NOT allowed
    Then go into detail of the venue good
    Outside is allowed ( with feee of etc)

  2. says: sally sarne

    hi thee I would love to get some info on the Versace mansion my daughter would like to have her wedding at the Versace but need a little more info before we make the trip from ny what days are avelible in nov or early dec. 2016 and more or less for 80 guest what would run the price per a person ..thank you

  3. Hello Lindsay: Loved your report on Migis Lodge. I am trying to arrange for a wedding for our daughter who lives in Portland, ME. She would like to be married and have the event in Maine. Would you have any other venues you commented on. Many thanks in advance for your detailed research and helpful advice! Sheryle