Wedding Guests’ Biggest Complaints

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One of the best ways to figure out what you should and shouldn’t have at your wedding is to think about all the times you’ve gone to a wedding and HATED something about it.

That time the ceremony went on and on? Try to make it short and sweet. Or what about that time you left a wedding starving? Make sure your caterer is prepared for the right guest count.

These Reddit users recently started a thread detailing their biggest complaint as a wedding guest, and they ALL ring true. Check them out, below. It could help to go through them and see what you might need to change when planning your wedding.

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Can you relate to any of these wedding day complaints? 

I can deal with a cash bar, although I’m not a huge fan, as long as I know about it beforehand. No ATM and no previous knowledge that it would be a cash bar? I’ll admit I start complaining there.-maedeator

Not enough food, or having to wait too long to eat! Specifically, I’ve noticed at a few weddings lately that there was not enough/any food during cocktail hour. This leads to people getting way too drunk too fast, getting hangry, and overeating at dinner. I’m a grown up, and can pay for drinks and get myself around if necessary, but if you have me hostage and I can’t get food…. Grrr.-robotneedslove

Tiny gift registries, and/or gift registries with little variation in price points. I attended a wedding once and waited until the day before to get a gift (bad choice, I know). By the time I got to the store to buy a gift, there were a handful of items left, all well over my college-student price range for $25 or under.-Eruannwen

I…get slightly annoyed when the “festivities” aren’t bunched together. For instance, the bouquet toss, half hour of dancing, cake cutting, half hour of dancing, money dance, etc., etc. Once open dance starts, it’s kind of a buzzkill to be forced to stop periodically, or miss something because you stepped outside and didn’t realize it was about to happen.-maedeator

Not knowing what was happening at the reception. I understand that the couple want to keep some things secret, but people will miss the bouquet toss etc. because they stepped outside and thought there would only be more dancing for another 1/2 hour.-Green7000

Being treated as a second-class guest (for instance, being seated in a “B” section in a different room from the “A” list guests)-Wedding_face

Lonnnggggg boring speeches from multiple family/friends! Of course have speeches, but give everyone a time limit and keep it to a minimum. Then let everyone drink, dance and have a merry good time!-Nicky2385

Not knowing what’s in the food or drinks. With an allergy to red dye, I have to avoid it in just about everything, if I’m not sure what’s in it and can’t get more than an “I don’t know” from the caterer or bartender, I won’t touch it.-faultybluebox

Carbs people! Provide them to prevent hangry guests!-BaconGoddess21

Knowing the dress code. I’ve been overdressed for weddings twice and its a little embarrassing…-WhineyThePooh

There you have it. Sometimes it’s some of the most common sense advice that can help give you some perspective when wedding planning (i.e.: DON’T OVERTHINK IT!). Everyone from your groom to your bridesmaids to that couple you don’t remember inviting will thank you for it.

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