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I’m already counting down the days until I can go to the Farmer’s Market or Trader Joe’s to pick up a bouquet of peonies. I mean, honestly, is there a better flower out there? Not to pick favorites, but between their gorgeous colors, full shape, and amazing smell, they’re pretty much perfect. And when it comes to wedding flowers, I don’t think there’s anything more romantic than peonies. The fact that they’re only in season a short period of time (typically April-June depending on your area) only adds to their specialness.

Peonies, which are named after Paeon (a student of Asclepius, who was the Greek god of medicine and healing), are also known in China as the”flower of riches and honour,” which is fitting considering they are one of the most expensive wedding flowers you can buy. However, the more you can search for wholesale peonies the better chance you’ll have at finding a good deal. I found wholesale peonies online for May-June weddings at $3.26 per stem for 100 Sarah Bernhardt Pink Peonies, which is actually not bad.(Read more about how much wedding flowers cost here). There is even more GOOD news for brides looking for peonies on a budget: Because peonies are full flowers that make an impact, less can be more. Which means you can potentially cut down on the number you need by getting clever with your flower arrangements. That’s why we went searching for different ways you can display peonies at your wedding, using a lot or a little. Check out a few of our favorite peony wedding moments, below!

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The beauty of peonies is you only need a few of them to create a beautiful centerpiece…


Or just one!


You can also forget the vase and instead use them in a garland, with candles, or DIY paper versions.

Photo by Harrison Studio
Photo by Harrison Studio
Paper flower DIY via Paper Blog
Paper flower DIY via Paper Blog

For wedding bouquets you can go bright and bold (I love the cherries added in!)

Photo by Ashleigh Jayne Photography | via Burnett's Boards
Photo by Ashleigh Jayne Photography | via Burnett’s Boards

Or make just as much of an impact using white peonies with subtle grey accents.


The single peony works off the table as well. I love these budget-friendly bridesmaid bouquets with a single peony surrounded by baby’s breath.


Peonies add depth and fullness to other dried or fresh flowers as well, such as anemones or lavender (I love the pink/purple combo!)

Photo by Campbell Photography
Photo by Campbell Photography

And don’t forget the cake! Real or fake peonies are one of the most gorgeous flowers you can use as accent pieces on a wedding cake.

Cake by Deborah Newby | Photo by  | Rebecca Wedding Photography | via Bloved Weddings
Cake by Deborah Newby | Photo by Rebecca Wedding Photography | via Bloved Weddings

If you want to save even more money and DIY your peonies, be sure to check out this video from Martha Stewart on how to arrange them.

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