Wedding Dress Designer: Theia

Theia Creative Director Don O’Neill
Theia Creative Director Don O’Neill

Theia is a fashion empire launched in 2009 by Don O’Neill. Named for a powerful Greek goddess, Theia focuses on making every bride feel high-fashion and beautiful.

“One of the original Titans, THEIA who ruled during the Greek Golden Age, possessed the incredible power of light which radiated from her sparkling eyes. All that she gazed upon glittered, becoming luminous and radiant. She imbued gold and silver with their shine. She gave diamonds their fire and rubies and emeralds their sparkle. Her three children; Helios the sun, Celene the moon, and Eos the dawn, all continue to bring light in to the world everyday,” they explain on their website.

Fun fact: Don began training as a chef before realizing his true passion was fashion. He was accepted to the Barbara Bourke College of Fashion and Design, where he began apprenticing for designers. He then moved to New York and worked as an evening wear designer for Badgley Mischka. His gowns have been worn by numerous celebrities, like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Idina Menzel.

Theia wedding dresses are gorgeous gowns for powerful, confident brides. They’re surprisingly affordable, considering their luxurious materials, delicate beadwork, flattering fit and couture quality. They’re sold in stores across the United States.

Theia Wedding Dress Collection 2022

Woman Getting Married Says: We love the idea of a dress inspired by a powerful Greek goddess, and Theia wedding dresses do not disappoint. These unique wedding dresses are perfect for the bride on the hunt for an unexpectedly chic bridal look. Most of all, their dresses are modern and effortlessly glamorous with a bit of whimsy added in for good measure.

Theia wedding dresses are most likely for the bride that isn’t afraid to try something different, and the kind that can rock details like a halter bodice or a cape with ease. In other words: You’re awesome!

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Below are a few of our favorite looks from their latest collection.

Theia Wedding Dress Saffron
Theia Wedding Dress Saffron, 2022 Collection
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