OMG. You Can Now Get Married in a Disney Princess Wedding Dress

Disney Wedding Dress Cinderella
Via Kuraudia Co

Engaged couples that double as die-hard Disney Fans have been getting married in front of Cinderella’s castle or under the famous Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom ever since Disney opened up its parks for weddings. Now, you can do so dressed exactly like an actual Disney Princess.

Disney Wedding Dress Snow White
Via Kuraudia Co

Kuraudia Co., a Japanese-based company, recently debuted 14 different Disney Princess style wedding dresses. Brides can take their pick from Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and more. Prices begin around $3,600 USD.

Disney Wedding Dresses
Via Kuraudia Co

There are even options for grooms, too! Kuraudia Co. sells Disney tuxedos for aproximately $900 USD. Note that the Disney wedding dresses are not OFFICIAL Disney products…just inspired by them.

Disney Wedding Dress Blue
Via Kuraudia Co

Unfortunately, the Disney wedding dresses are currently only available to rent in Japan — or those getting married there. Destination wedding, anyone?

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