Wedding Dress Designer: Impression Bridal

Impression Bridal opened in 1986 out of a tiny 2,000 square foot office space. Their dresses are now sold all over the country in most major bridal retailers. Nick Yeh, their CEO, has been a part of the brand since the beginning. Their main designer, Ruben Cruz, also teaches a formal wear design class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Victor Harper Wedding Dress Style558a
Victor Harper Wedding Dress Style 558a, 2022 Collection

Impression Bridal places a huge emphasis on fabric quality and a proper fit, ensuring that all of their brides are in high-quality dresses. They have a sharp eye on classic details, like Swarovski crystals and intricate beading. They also design bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, and even prom dresses. Impression Bridal focuses on taking the classic feel of a traditional wedding dress and giving it a modern look with things like funky cutouts and unique backs. They’ve made their name in the bridal industry by being innovative with design and keeping true to a one-of-a-kind look.

One of Impression Bridal’s major claims to fame is their “magic fit”, which involves a special kind of boning that is both comfortable and flattering to many different body types. Brides of any size will be able to find a flattering Impression Bridal dress they love. Their website even features a fit guide that helps you pick your body type and get matched with dresses that will flatter you.

Where to Buy: Impression Bridal wedding dresses are located at stores across the United States. You can enter your city and state or zip code in their store locator to find the closest location.

Impression Bridal Wedding Dress Collection 2022

Woman Getting Married Says: Impression Bridal has a wide range of silhouettes, which we love—that means that any body type can find a dress they look and feel good in. They also have an impeccable eye for lace and beadwork, which gives their dresses a major elegance factor. Their convertible dresses would be super fun if you want to class it up during the ceremony and bust a move at the reception! Everything has a pretty-yet-unique feel to it; with an Impression Bridal dress, you definitely wouldn’t have to worry about looking too similar to your cousin who got married two weeks prior.

Ashley Justin Bride Wedding Dress  Style 11122
Ashley & Justin Bride Style 11122
Cristiano Lucci Wedding Dress Style 13455
Cristiano Lucci Style 13455
Justina Mccaffrey Wedding Dress Jm102
Justina McCafreey Style JM102-1
Victor Harper Wedding Dress Style 552
Victor Harper Style 552
Yumi Katsura Wedding Dress Norah
Yumi Katsura Wedding Dress Norah

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