5 Ways to Make Sure Rain Doesn’t Ruin Your Wedding Day

Rainy Day Wedding Photos
Photo by Ariel Renae Photography

So, it’s 10 days away from your wedding day and the forecast calls for a chance of rain? Don’t despair! While it’s not ideal, there are actually a lot of positive things about rain on your wedding day. According to some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck! (Read more about wedding superstitions around the world here). Also, colorful umbrellas and cute rain boots mean you’ll get the chance to take some uber-romantic, rainy day wedding photos. Trust us, sometimes the best photos are not the ones with blue skies and sunshine. But, if you’re planning for rain on your wedding day (whether last minute or you just need a plan B), we’ve got some tips that’ll help you be prepared and ready to take on the weather, whatever it may be.

1. Know Your Plan B from the Start

Before you sign your wedding venue contract, you’ll want to make sure that you are A-OK with your venue’s rain plan (and that they have one). Planning a ceremony in the garden with 150 guests? They better be able to all fit into another room, even if it means flipping it from ceremony to reception (and if that’s the case, where do you have your cocktail hour). Be sure to make sure you are aware with all extra costs that might be associated with any potential changes and that you are 100% happy with the venue’s rain contingency. Also, if you are renting a tent, make sure you talk to the company about whether or not your tent can withstand a torrential downpour. Are side panels available in case of heavy winds? Be sure to bring up the possibility of rain with EVERY vendor, and ask how they handle wet situations.

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2. Think About Your Wedding Photos Beforehand

We know your wedding venue probably has some awesome garden or beautiful outdoor décor that you definitely want a photo with if the sun is shining. However, if it rains you might need to seek another photo location for photos with your family and the bridal party. Make sure to speak with your venue and wedding photographer beforehand about alternative locations where photos can be taken that will provide great scenery but won’t mess with the setup of the ceremony or reception. Great ideas include gazebos, fireplaces and staircases. A good wedding photographer will have a rain plan setup, so just be sure to ask them what it is so you’re fully aware of what it might entail.

3. Be Prepared With Rainy-Day Accessories

Think colorful umbrellas, rain coats, rain bonnets, and cute rain boots for you and your bridesmaids (and groom/groomsmen if the situation calls for it!). TIP: If you know there’s a good chance of rain on your wedding day, they could make a super cute bridesmaid gift! You might also consider bringing some dry towels to the venue in case anybody needs them.

Rainy Day Wedding Photos
Photo by Carolyn Bentum

4. Consider Having Your Hair/Makeup Team Stay

We know it might cost a little bit more money to have your wedding makeup artist and hairstylist stay until the ceremony or reception starts, but if rain (and humidity) is in the forecast it might be worth it in case the frizzies set in. If you were planning on doing a first look before the ceremony you might also consider taking your photos after instead…the rain might let up by then and/or you might care less if your dress gets a little dirty. Again, talk to your wedding photographer about the best plan of action, as well as your stylists.

5. Be Flexible

We all know weather forecasts have been known to change. While it’s important to have a Plan B, it’s also important to remember to roll with it. Yes, that’s easier said than done. But if you’re expecting sun and a shower rolls in or if you’re expecting showers and it’s a gorgeous day, be prepared to  have a last-minute change of plans. That means you might have to cut your first look photos short if it starts raining (you can take more after the ceremony), or if the sun magically appears during cocktail hour you might have to sneak off and grab a few photos where and when you can. The best thing you can do is to just be prepared, come rain or come shine, as Billie Holiday sings. 🙂

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