This Wedding Superstition DEFINITELY Surprised Me

chinese wedding superstitions

I’ve written about the crazy wedding superstitions and traditions from around the world before, but this one surprised me! And, if you’re still in the process of planning your wedding (and believe in this stuff), you might be able to adhere to it.

According to Chinese culture, “you should exchange vows between the half hour and hour when the hands on the clock are moving upward to the heavens and between the growing and full moon so that the rising moon and flowing tide will follow your fortune.”

While many Chinese couples will also consult with monks, fortune tellers, almanacs, etc. to find the most auspicious wedding day according to their birthdates, choosing to NOT get married at the top of the hour is a common practice.

Even though English folklore considers Saturday an “unlucky” day to get married, most of us dismiss that advice. However, I kind of like the idea of incorporating a bit of old fashioned superstition into a wedding…and choosing to get married at 6:30 vs. 6 seems like an easy way to do that.

What do you think of this superstition? Would you consider getting married at half past the hour for good luck?


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