You Can Now Taste Elvis Presley’s Iconic Wedding Cake. Here’s How.

Photo of Priscilla PRESLEY and Elvis PRESLEY standing next to their wedding cake
Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns. Courtesy of Getty Images.

Las Vegas: It’s not merely a city; it’s an emblem of glitz, glamour, and tales that defy the sands of time. Among the flashing neon lights and grandeur, Vegas has an allure that transcends generations. This year, it’s reaching back into its treasure trove of memories, spotlighting a dessert that once graced the wedding of a King – the Elvis Presley wedding cake.

Rewind to 1967. The world’s pulse is the rhythm of the Beatles, the streets sway with the elegance of miniskirts, and amidst this global tableau, Elvis Presley, 32, and Priscilla, 21, pronounced their love in the heart of Vegas, at the Aladdin Hotel. Their wedding wasn’t just a union; it was a spectacle, an epitome of showbiz glamour. Central to this event was a cake, intricate and opulent: six layers of golden sponge, interwoven with kirsch-flavored Bavarian cream, graced with apricot preserves, and crowned with red marzipan roses. It was rumored to have cost $3,200 at the time (which would be around $22,000 today with inflation).

Christina Nasso of Carlo’s Bake Shop remarks, “Elvis was always a man of distinct tastes. His choices, from his music to his wedding cake, echoed uniqueness.” And now, for Vegas’s celebratory 70th year as the globally recognized ‘Wedding Capital of the World™’, the city, in collaboration with Carlo’s Bake Shop, has hatched an indulgent plan: to recreate this iconic wedding cake. This endeavor is not just a nod to the past; it’s an embodiment of a defining moment in Vegas’s rich tapestry of events.

elvis and priscilla presley standing in front of their wedding cake
Priscilla and Elvis Presley (left) next to Bjorn “Bill” Jaeger (far right). Photo Courtesy of the Jaeger family.

“The cake’s original creator, Bill Jaeger, had a journey that reads like a classic Hollywood script. From surviving the horrors of World War II to seeking culinary inspiration across Europe, to finally finding his calling amidst the shimmer of Vegas – it was Jaeger who crafted the cake for the Presley union,” shares Christina.

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Over the decades, Vegas has been the backdrop for countless starry unions. Sinatra serenading Mia Farrow amidst ringing slot machines, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford’s hushed promises at the Little Church of the West, and the whirlwind romance of Britney Spears that’s become a part of the city’s lore.

As preparations for the 70th-anniversary celebrations escalate, there’s a distinct buzz in the atmosphere. The meticulously recreated Presley wedding cake promises to be the centerpiece, offering attendees not just a visual feast but a tangible connection to an era gone by. “This cake is not merely about flavors; it’s a slice of history,” shares Christina. “It embodies the very moment when Elvis and Priscilla exchanged vows.”

elvis and priscilla presley standing in front of their wedding cake
Priscilla and Elvis Presley (left) next to Bjorn “Bill” Jaeger (far right). Photo Courtesy of the Jaeger family.

“Moreover,” she adds, gesturing towards a wall adorned with a mural, “it’s a reminder that in Vegas, every bite tells a story.”

The city, renowned for its larger-than-life experiences, now offers a taste, quite literally, of a golden era. Guests at the celebrations will not only witness but also savor slices echoing the original wedding cake’s splendor, a sensory journey that transports them to 1967.

As the buzz builds, Vegas readies itself to honor another iconic moment. It’s a nod to timeless love, to defining snapshots of pop culture, and to a cake that’s woven into the tapestry of an era. Because in Vegas, tales of legends like Elvis and Priscilla aren’t just retold—they’re tasted and savored, letting their legacy flourish with every bite.

General admission tickets and a limited number of VIP Couples’ tickets to the Sept. 3 event are still available and may be purchased at

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