5 Ways to Give a Valentine’s Day Gift They’ll Actually Like

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When it comes to relationships, there can be a lot of gift-giving. Like. A LOT. In addition to birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Hanukah, and yes, Valentine’s Day, there’s the random gifts that may come along with promotions, kids (Mothers or Fathers day), or just because. A couple in the course of a year could exchange at least three gifts each, which definitely starts to add up mentally and monetarily.

Whether or not you choose to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, holidays, anniversaries, or any other special day, there’s most likely a time where you’re out shopping for a gift for your spouse at least once, and lets’ be honest…what should be a fun experience can start to feel like a pain in the you know what.

Take my husband and I, for example. I used to be ALL about the gifts. Getting them. Giving them. Making them. And it’s not that I’ve completely changed, it’s just that after 10+ years there can be times when you feel gifted-out. However this last anniversary, Christmas, and upcoming Valentine’s Day we both decided not to get each other anything. Not because we didn’t recognize each day (we did!) it’s just that we needed a break from, well, gifting. And yes, I think over-gifting is a real thing.

With so many gift-giving opportunities for a couple, how do you make each gift special? And do you always have to exchange gifts? Here’s a few of our suggestions:

1. Talk About the Upcoming Holiday and Your Plan for It TOGETHER

Being on the same page about gift-giving is super important. My husband and I go by the rule that we’re getting each other a gift unless we say otherwise. Being the spouse that forgets to get a gift can definitely be a crappy spot to be in, so you want to talk openly about it. Another great thing to do is to set budgets for your gifts. Sometimes it’s fun to set a really low one and see what you can buy with it. Usually you’ll end up giving and getting something that you’ll remember way more than that pricey gift. (But not ALL the time. LOL).

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2. Keep a Mental List of Your Partner’s Wishlist to Get Them a Gift They REALLY Want

Two years ago my husband was always complaining about his work bag. It didn’t hold everything he needed and it was impossible to ride a bike to work with it. The first time he said it, it automatically went on my mental gift list and was one of my Christmas gifts to him that year. And because he really, really, wanted (and needed it) I think he would tell you it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever given him. And it wasn’t a huge gift. It was just a MEANINGFUL one. And, ahem, it can go both ways. I may or may not be guilty of casually mentioning things I’ve been looking at knowing my husband is probably making the same list. How many of you do the same thing?!

3. Gifts That Don’t Come in a Box Tend to Be the Most Fun

The past couple Valentine’s Days my husband and I decided to skip the gifts (see #1 again) and instead make a dish we’ve always wanted to try for Valentine’s Day dinner. Typically one of us will make the appetizer or dessert and the other the main course. We’ll pair it with one of our nicest bottle of wines (or buy one to mark the occasion) and celebrate the day AND the fact that we’re not out at an overpriced restaurant. Whether it’s a meal you make for your partner or make together, concert tickets (or any ticket, really), a night at a local hotel, or cooking classes you can both do together, it’s fun to think outside the box when it comes to gift-giving.

4. Random Gifts Are NOT Better Than No Gift At All

We’ve all been there…it’s two days before a holiday and you have zero gifts. Running to the store and picking out something—anything!–is not the way to go. If you get stuck without having found the gift you want, guess what? You always have time for a card (see below) and a DIY gift that offers to make your partner’s daily routine feel a little less like a routine. Some examples include 5 “get out of dishes” slips that you give to your partner to cash in when they just don’t feel like doing dishes one night. (I regretfully gave these to my husband because I HATE doing dishes and he’s always stuck doing them. But I love him, so there you go.) Or laundry. Whatever your partner hates doing, you can always offer in a sweet, handwritten note to take care of whatever “Annoying Chore” for them.

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5. Always Include a Card

I feel like this one might be more for the guys (sorry), but definitely don’t forget the card when you give your gift. The art of including a card with a sweet note is definitely not forgotten and will ALWAYS be appreciated. Taking the time to remind your partner how much you love them and why they’re so special to you is priceless.

So, this isn’t the Valentine’s Day or Holiday Gift Guide you might have been expecting, but hopefully these tips will help make your gift-giving (or not gift-giving) the best holiday yet.

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