Sweet Idea: Embroidered Wedding Patch


I REALLY wish that I had thought of this for my own groom. How sweet is this embroidered wedding patch idea?

Since most of you brides will most likely be picking out your groom’s tie (let’s be honest here, ladies), this wedding patch be a really nice surprise to add to it for your wedding day. Then every time your now husband wears the tie he’ll have a reminder not only of how special it was, but the day of your anniversary. It’s a win-win. 🙂

I have zero idea how to sew, so I would have probably had to end up having a wedding patch made on Etsy. SewHappyGirls created the wedding patch designs featured on this page, and average around $35/each. It’s also a great wedding day idea for your dad! OK now I’m getting kind of teary just thinking about this.


You can also have a wedding patch sewn onto your dress, or better yet I would have it sewn on the inside of whichever purse you use. Because considering I haven’t seen my actual dress since the day we got married (it’s currently wrapped up at my parent’s house), you’ll get to appreciate it much more often.

If you want to make one on your own (more power to you!), try these embroidered patch instructions here. Reading anything about sewing is like reading a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me so I will not even begin to try and give an outline here.



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