Top 7 Honeymoon Destinations for 2022

these honeymoon locations are going to top everybody's list this year

From the tropical beaches of Costa Rica to the animal abundant Nairobi National Park, 2022’s top honeymoon destinations combine tranquility, fun, and romance.

Destination for Honeymoon Maldives

The Maldives

South of India and just barely north of the equator, a group of over 1,200 islands sits in jaw-dropping turquoise water. With temperatures consistently in the low 80s year round, this honeymoon destination is perfect for the couple that is ready to do nothing at all but lay on the beach in a tropical paradise. Each resort is on its own island, and each one has a unique personality. Some are geared more toward adventure, while others are centered more on relaxation, but each one has a distinctive twist. Some of the resorts are even built over the water! A dream location for both diving fans and resort spa enthusiasts alike, the only prerequisite for enjoying a honeymoon in The Maldives is a love for sun, surf and sand!

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Destination for Honeymoon Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

If you and your spouse-to-be want to spend your honeymoon exploring a city, but don’t want to go with one of the old classics, Prague is the place to go! Visit the 9th century Prague Castle or stroll across the city’s oldest bridge, built in the 14th century. And once the sun goes down the city bursts to life with some of the most vibrant nightlife around! Especially for beer lovers, this is a city that can’t be missed!

Destination for Honeymoon Nairobi
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Nairobi, Kenya

For the couple eternally in search of the next great adventure, a Kenyan safari is the perfect way to spend a honeymoon. Nairobi National Park is a beautiful place to see lions, leopards and so many more animals of the African plains in their natural habitats, but the animals the area is most famous for are the giraffes. With a giraffe conservation center nearby, and the incredible Giraffe Manor open for guests, Nairobi is the go-to spot for those looking to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures in the wild. This is truly a honeymoon hotspot for couples searching for something unique and exciting!

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Destination for Honeymoon Tuscany Italy

Tuscany, Italy

If you’ve already visited Rome, or you’re just looking for a honeymoon destination that’s a little less overcrowded, the region of Tuscany in central Italy has all of the beauty and history with less of the hustle and bustle. Explore the vineyards where Chianti is made catch some rays at the beach or explore the stunning city of Florence, home to Michelangelo’s David. The region is also famous for its cooking classes, but nothing beats the views. Rolling hills dotted with centuries-old architecture are sure to give your honeymoon that romantic feel.

Destination for Honeymoon Kyoto
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Kyoto, Japan

Nestled in the mountains, with an iconic view of Mt. Fuji, Kyoto is a romantic destination year round. With its spring cherry blossoms, summer waterfall hikes, fall foliage, and winter snow covered shrines, no time of year is a bad time to visit. The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is a must-see, as are the many temples and shrines scattered throughout the city. Couples can even plan a trip to climb Mt. Fuji! Kyoto, with its rich culture and awe-inspiring scenery, is an ideal honeymoon destination.

Destination for Honeymoon Costa Rica

Costa Rica

From rainforests canopy walks to volcano climbing, city tours to snorkeling, Costa Rica has a little bit of everything. For couples that like to lay on the beach one day and sit on top of a mountain the next, this honeymoon destination is a must! Explore the misty canopy of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or relax in the hot springs of Arenal Volcano, then relax with a tropical mixed drink while you watch the sun set over the ocean.

Destination for Honeymoon Paris
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Paris, France

Sure, Paris isn’t the BIGGEST surprise, but we think the City of Lights is going to be on everybody’s list again this year. Filled to bursting with delicious cuisine, gorgeous architecture and cultural icons, a couple could spend weeks here sipping delicious wine, gazing at the Eiffel Tower without the city losing its shine. Whether you prefer to visit the world famous museums or explore the towering architecture, the city has a little bit of everything, and in a city so beautiful, some of the best moments are simply spent strolling from landmark to landmark. And if one things for certain, the Parisians know how to do exquisite meals and luxury hotels perfect for a honeymoon!

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