8 Out of the Box Honeymoon Destinations

Tierra Patagonia
Tierra Patagonia

If you’re looking to plan that one-of-a-kind trip and don’t want it to be like every other newlywed’s adventure, we totally hear you! When looking at honeymoon destinations, you can’t exactly just try spinning a globe and seeing where it lands. You want to make an educated decision…after all, it’s your honeymoon. And while every trip is unique in their own way, there’s a whole world out there to discover so why only look at the most-travelled locales? Some of our favorite honeymoon destinations are remote locations that you wouldn’t otherwise think of for this kind of a trip.

1. Canouan, Grenadines

Dreaming of vacationing like a millionaire (err, make that billionaire), Canouan is just the place for you. This remote locale in the Caribbean is a dream of a beach vacay, and is truly as luxurious and serene as it gets.  We recommend the Pink Sands Club or the Tamarind Beach Hotel + Yacht Club. In order to get here, you’ll fly to a neighboring island like St. Vincent, Barbados, Grenada and Puerto Rico and take a quick second flight over to Canouan.

Tamarind Beach Hotel
Tamarind Beach Hotel

2. Belize

For some serious beach time, truly luxurious accommodations and a prime view of the world’s second largest coral reef, Belize should be your go-to. Plus, there’s bountiful shops and restaurants in the fishing village of Placencia that’s just a short trip into town. Our favorite stay here includes the luxe Turtle Inn, owned by the famed Coppola winery. The resort has been a mainstay for the region for 15 years, and it’s obvious why.

Turtle Inn
Turtle Inn

3. Sicily, Italy

Searching for pizza, pasta, and pretty incredible views? Let us recommend a trip to the Italian island of Sicily. But the abundance of delicious Sicilian delicacies isn’t the only reason to visit. You’ve got everything from ruins to beautiful coastlines, and if that’s not enough, it’s got a steallar wine region. And with an incredible selection of luxury hotels here (like one of our favorites, the La Plage Resort) Sicily truly has all of the makings for a wonderful honeymoon. But seriously, make sure to visit the wineries!

La Plage Resort Italy
La Plage Resort

4. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Looking to spend your trip mesmerized by penguins, sea-lions and a vast amount of giant tortoises and whales? Seems to us the best option would be to set sail among the Galápagos Islands. The biodiversity here is quite simply, out of this world, and the best way to experience it is aboard a luxury yacht, of which we recommend the Galápagos Sea Star Journey.

Sea Star Galapagos
Sea Star

5. Bagan, Myanmar

We’ve been infatuated by the beauty of Myanmar for quite some time, which is why we’re adding it to this list of out-of-the-box honeymoon destinations. And the reason why? The magical hot-air-balloon rides which is likely the best way to see the distinct architecture of Bagan. And although you can travel throughout Myanmar, and spend time partially in Yagon, Mandalay as well as Bagan, we actually recommend booking a river cruise for this type of adventure. For a luxe experience, book a trip aboard the Sanctuary Ananda or The Strand Ayeyarwady, both of which offer luxe retreats with limited rooms and uncompromised quality.

The Strand Ayeyarwady
The Strand Ayeyarwady

6. Bhutan

We’re all for culturally rich experiences, which is why we’re also suggesting a trip to Bhutan in the eastern Himalayas in South Asia. The Buddhist kingdom boasts remote escapes at luxury resorts such as Amankora and COMO, both of which have several properties in the region to explore. The dramatic landscapes of high mountains and beautiful valleys offer the opportunity to marvel from your hotel room (more like small house). From the stunning monasteries to the beautiful hikes offering views of Himalayan wildlife, there’s so much to see in Bhutan. While not the easiest place to reach travel-wise, it’ll be worth it when you arrive.

Amankora Resort Bhutan
Amankora Resort

7. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

So you’re not quite sold on a warm-weather trip? What about a trip to Whistler, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while taking advantage of the many cold-weather activities, like skiing. But if you’re looking for a year-round option, consider the contemporary, tranquil Nita Lake Lodge which is a lakeside retreat in the village of Creekside in Whistler.

Nita Lake Lodge
Nita Lake Lodge

8. Patagonia, Chile

If you’re seeking adventure for your honeymoon, we recommend booking a trip to Patagonia, Chile. With beautiful glaciers, seriously incredible mountain views, fresh air and lush forests, Patagonia offers everything you’d want from an adventurous (but still relaxing) escape. Patagonia is pretty expansive, so you’ll likely want to narrow to a region that you want to explore. Be it the Lake District in the north or the Tierra del Fuego in the south (also a gateway to Antarctica). And for luxe accommodations, consider the Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa where you’ll truly feel like you’re a world away.

Tierra Patagonia Chille
Tierra Patagonia Chille

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