7 Honeymoon Registries to Check Out Now

honeymoon registry
The One & Only Pamilla Resort in Los Cabos. Yes, you can actually register for this!

Wedding registries used to be about fancy china and serving platters, but these days a click of the mouse means couples can register for pretty much anything they want! One of the most popular new additions to wedding registries in the past decade is the honeymoon registry. This lets couples (like you!) ask wedding guests to help fund their dream honeymoon.

While it was once considered taboo to ask for cash as a wedding gift, the creation of the honeymoon registry has made it way more acceptable. But how does it all work? And what are the best sites offering honeymoon registries? This guide focuses on 7 of our favorites, below:

1. Joy

honeymoon registries

Joy’s recently launched All-in-One registry platform makes it super easy to register for traditional registry items or a cash/honeymoon fund (or a combo of both!). You can add items from Joy’s catalogue of gifts or your favorite store by using their app or browser button. (You can also keep track of what’s been purchased right from the app.) If you already have a registry set up, you can easily sync or link it to Joy, so guests are able to shop for your gift in one place.

But where Joy really excels is their cash fund feature. They top our list this year because Joy is now one of the few cash registry funds with zero fees. While many other cash and honeymoon registry funds charge anywhere from 2.4-2.9% of each cash gift a guest sends you, they offer payment options that eliminate this cost, which is awesome. Just use your favorite payment provider (like Paypal or Venmo) and that’s it.

Once you set up your Joy registry, you can create a cash fund for your future home, have guests donate to your favorite charity, or create a honeymoon fund registry to help you save for the honeymoon of your dreams. Not sure where to start? Get inspired by browsing their curated selection of travel experiences, such as a Tacos, Tequila, and Cocktail tour in Puerto Vallarta. Yes, please!

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2. Zola

zola wedding registry

Zola has quickly become a go-to wedding registry option for couples looking for a wide range of gifts. We love that Zola offers such a curated, extensive list of products across so many different categories, and that you can even add gifts from other stores, too. (Personally, we love when our friends have a Zola registry!)

Better yet, Zola’s “Funds” section of their registry includes honeymoon and cash fund options, which allows guests (or a group of guests) to give a cash  contribution to a part of your honeymoon (like your roundtrip airfare) or other tangible items you’re hoping to purchase with their help. Guests will process their payment through Zola, and you will then receive a direct-deposit to your bank account. The great news is that guests now have two ways to contribute to your fund, either with Venmo (which has ZERO fees) or with a credit card (which has a standard 2.5% credit card processing fee). Considering that so many guests are now using Venmo, this is the perfect no-fee option! 

3. Honeyfund

honeyfund registry

Honeyfund was expressly created for raising money, similar to a traditional crowdfunding site, except it’s just for weddings. In addition to honeymoons, you can add options for guests to contribute to things like a down payment on a house or a new kitchen or bathroom renovation. You can use one of their custom websites for your honeymoon fund, and you can also use their Universal Registry option if you want to add traditional gifts as well. Honeyfund is 100% free for guests (meaning no service or processing fees) with their new Honeyfund Wallet option. The Honeyfund Wallet is a digital gift card balance you set up inside your Honeyfund account. The cash contributed to your wallet can be redeemed via Paypal, Venmo, or across 200 digital gift brands with no fee.

4. The Knot

the knot wedding registry

The Knot recently launched their wedding registry section, and it’s everything you would expect from the world’s biggest wedding website. In addition to a large selection of products and stores you can sync your registry with, you can also start a Cash Fund (which The Knot says nearly 20% of their couples do for their big day). Aside from the standard 2.5% credit card processing fee, knot cash funds are free. While honeymoon experiences are the most popular to use a cash fund for, the Knot says personal hobbies and wine club subscriptions are also gaining popularity. (We’ll drink to that!).

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5. Hitchd

Hitchd does charge a one-time fee to use their service, ranging from $119 (for up to 25 contributions) to $199 (for unlimited contributions). There is also a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction if gift givers use a credit card, a fee that you can absorb or pass onto your guests. For a limited time you can use the code LINDSAY10 to get 10% off any plan.

Hitchd honeymoon registry

Helping couples create lifelong memories is the main inspiration for the founders of Hitchd, the latest honeymoon registry to be added to our list. Unlike other wedding registries where cash and honeymoon funds are often an afterthought, Hitchd was built entirely around the idea of providing the most beautiful and simple honeymoon registry that can suit any wedding style or aesthetic. When it comes to design and functionality it definitely beats a lot of other honeymoon-only registry options, especially on mobile. (It was recently named #1 by Refinery29).

You can personalize your honeymoon registry using their large selection of gift art and photos, and easily create any experience or cash fund that you want. Just add your personal Hitchd url to your wedding website or invites, and guests can securely contribute to specific honeymoon gifts with their credit card, Venmo, PayPal and other payment options. One of our favorite Hitchd features that your guests will appreciate is the ability to easily thank them with a personal message. You also have the option to send a physical thank you card, which can be mailed directly to your guests through the platform too. (They will love that!).

6. Traveler’s Joy

travelers joy honeymoon registry

Traveler’s Joy is one of the oldest and most established online honeymoon registries in the world, and has been a favorite pick for over 350,000 honeymooners. They make it super easy to add an experience or item to your wedding registry from any airline, hotel, travel group—anything!—which means the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you want to register for.

If you’re stuck on where to go or what to do for your honeymoon, you can view real honeymoon registries from couples who have traveled around the world for inspiration. Their itineraries are super informative and interesting to read! We’re already planning a trip based on several of them!).

Their service is also 100% free to use if guests are giving you money via cash, check, or direct transfer. If they choose to use a credit card, there will be a 2.95% service fee added to the gift amount, plus a 2.95% + $0.99 credit card processing fee. You can choose to absorb this cost for guests, split it, or display an option for guests to cover it for you (which would add an additional 5.9% added to their gift amount in total if using a credit card). You can choose which you prefer in the “Gift Options & Fees” section of your registry dashboard.

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7. Honeymoon Wishes

honeymoon wishes registry

Looking for a more direct way to get those funds to your honeymoon experiences? Try Honeymoon Wishes, which has a direct partnership with 800 hotels and cruise lines. They are the only honeymoon registry tool with the option to have your gifts sent directly to the travel vendor (like a hotel), which takes the hassle out of the process like other registry websites. This option provides the tangible product that guests often look for in a wedding registry without feeling like they’re just sending you cash.

Even though you can still opt to use this site if your selected hotel is not a partner, we think the real benefit here are the actual hotel partnerships. This gives you the ability to choose experiences that are specific to that property. For fees, Honeymoon Wishes charges a 3.5% fee for direct fund transfers, a 7% fee for checks, and a 2.5% credit card processing fee. There is no fee for gift cards.

Honeymoon registry sites that have since come off our list…


wanderable registry

Note: Wanderable is no longer accepting new registries, and has partnered with Traveler’s Joy instead.

Wanderable is everything we like about Zola, with the exclusivity of a registry site just for your honeymoon. Once you begin the process, you actually start by selecting your destination. This also serves as a great tool if you are just beginning the honeymoon planning process and have no idea what destination to choose. First, choose a location. Then you can choose one of Wanderable’s collections or just begin adding from the list of experiences. The site does an awesome job of curating real, attainable experiences that are exclusive to each location, rather than just a general adventure.

Through their Experience Provider Network they also have a collection of merchants that are highly rated on Yelp or TripAdvisor. If you choose to book your activity with their suggested merchant, you won’t need to pay any fees. If guests choose the credit card option (and you opt to withdraw the funds as cash) the processing fee is 2.5%. The money will then be sent as a mailed check or direct deposit to your bank account.

Bottom Line:

If you want everything planned out for you before you arrive, Honeymoon Wishes may be a good option because they offer specific experiences (though you’ll be paying for their services). If you’re looking for something in between or want to plan everything on your own, you’re better off opting for a site like Joy or Zola, which has more generalized experiences and free, flexible options. You can also choose to use the money you receive for something else. If your honeymoon gets postponed or plans change, you’ll be prepared.

Additional Things to Consider:

  • It’s important to set a realistic budget for your honeymoon that YOU can afford. In other words? Don’t rely on guests to pay for 100% of your honeymoon. Have a backup plan if guests don’t contribute as much as you’d hoped.
  • Our opinion? Do not ask guests to absorb any service fees for you. Having them pay 2, 3, or 7% above what they want to gift you (depending on the service you use) is asking a bit too much. Instead, opt to have the fee deducted from the gift amount you receive instead. It sucks but it’s better than asking them to do it.
  • Always read the fine print on any website that accepts money on your behalf. These are your wedding gifts. You want to make sure you’re not being scammed or overly charged for things you’re not aware of.
  • Some guests may be hesitant to give money towards a honeymoon because it doesn’t feel personal. It’s a great idea to include details about your dream honeymoon on your registry site, wedding website, or on your wedding thank you cards. This way guests really feel like they are part of their gift.

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