Real Wedding Speeches That Went TOTALLY Wrong

wedding speech
That uncomfortable (but hilarious) wedding speech scene from Old School

Wedding speeches can be terrifying for the bride and groom. They’re scary because–let’s be honest–there’s always the chance your family/friends can say something completely inappropriate that will embarrass you in front of an entire room of people on your big day. *Shudders*

I remember I actually had a conversation with my friends who were planning on making speeches before our wedding. I let them know which topics I thought were off limits (exes, drunken moments, etc.), and gently reminded them that my GRANDMOTHER was there. My friends were as tame as I think they were capable of being, but I was still uncomfortable to tell you the truth. And the thing is is that even if the speech isn’t about you, there are subjects that can be brought up during a speech, ceremony, or other points during the wedding that can make everybody in the room want to run for the hills.

Just when you think awkward wedding speeches are reserved for the movies (like that hilarious scene in Old School when Luke Wilson’s character drunkenly toasts the new bride and groom), you stumble across these real-life gems from Reddit, below. Yes, these things actually happened during wedding speeches (and other wedding moments). Yikes.

Have you been a guest (or bride/groom) during an awkward wedding speech? Let us know what happened in the comments section!

At my sister’s wedding my alcoholic uncle went up and said a couple words. Them being: “I’m surprised you managed to have a successful wedding, how did this happen without your mom being the over controlling $*%^* that she is?” A silence like no other.-Socialsmoker

At my parent’s wedding the priest started with “We are gathered at this funeral today…” The worst part is he started going on with the typical funeral speech until he was stopped. To be fair, he was well past retirement age.-McJennifer

At my cousin’s wedding, the priest made a long speech going on and on about how wonderful and responsible it was of the couple to get married once they got pregnant out of wedlock. Most of the bride’s family did not yet know she was pregnant.-Please_send_baguette

A friend was getting married, and the best man decided that in his toast he would try to compliment how beautiful the bride was. He ended up saying “It took a team of bridesmaids and scientists to get her looking like that.” Nice try, really awkward.-Wheresalltherumgone

When my husband and I first started dating, he took me as his date to the wedding of a friend. During the reception, as the groom (my husband’s friend) and his new bride were dancing to a nice romantic song, the DJ suddenly switched to “Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. This was the mid 1990’s and the song was out of place considering the other music that had been played so far. As I watched the couple dance, I noticed that the wife had this look of digust on her face…and her husband seemed to be pleading with her. He looked upset, but she looked PISSED. I nudged my date and asked what was going on, and he told me that the song had a double meeting. The groom and bride broke up once and he hooked up with a girl….on the dock…of the bay.-WeenieTheQueen

I was at my brother-in-law’s wedding. My wife (groom’s sister) was in the wedding party so I sat with her family. Her parents get up on the stage to say their speech. Father-in-law steps up to the mic and says: “Thanks everyone for coming out”, and sits back down beside me. There is a horrible awkward silence in the room, everyone was expecting a long speech, and the MC had just sat down and taken a big drink. In the silence he leans over to me and says: “What? If you don’t have anything nice to say!” Apparently he doesn’t like his new daughter in law very much!-adjustablewrench

During the ceremony, one of the guests yelled out, “(Groom) and I did so many drugs in college!” It fell silent and my dad laughed for about five minutes straight afterwards.

I went to a wedding recently where I was a groomsman. The best man ended his speech wishing the couple “Several happy years together.”-dearthed

At my cousins wedding, her boss got wasted and told a story about her nephew watching porn in a hotel on a family trip. It came out of nowhere and everyone was sufficiently confused and uncomfortable. I was young and someone had made the mistake of serving me wine so I just laughed and laughed in the otherwise silent room.-squashsoup

A best man I know once started his speech by saying “They say wedding speeches should be like skirts – long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to hold your attention.” Both funny and awkward.-getterz88

And just because I love Old School, here is that infamous wedding speech scene.

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