The 10 Best Wedding Planner Books to Buy Now

If you’re in the midst of planning your big day, it’s probably one of the first things you think about in the morning and the last at night. There is just so much to be done. That’s why it’s no surprise we find ourselves looking for a wedding planner book to help us get through.

Wedding Planner Books

Written by wedding professionals who have seen their share of weddings and lived to tell the tale, nothing can replace a physical wedding planner book. Even now when everything is digital and we’re glued to screens, it helps to have something you can easily reference in a meeting with your planner and florist. Or when you want to share ideas with your technology challenged, soon-to-be mother-in-law, notes Russell Pinto Jr., founder of Brooklyn-based boutique wedding & event firm, Little Red Bean Productions. 

The Benefit of Wedding Planner Books

Pinto Jr. also points out another perk of wedding planning books. They allow you to include physical samples of your design elements—fabric and linen samples and Pantone color swatches, for example.  

“The digital world cannot replace sensory design, he says. “There are certain things that you need to see and touch for yourself to properly experience it. For example? “Having the physical fabric swatches of your selected table linens will come in super handy when you are trying to color-match at a meeting with your invitation designer. Or finalizing the floral color scheme with your florist.”  

While wedding planner books certainly do have their benefits, they shouldn’t replace their digital counterparts altogether. “There are so many benefits to using digital spreadsheets and online planning resources,” he says. “From easy budget computing to tracking the details and to-do lists, these are constantly evolving during the planning process.”

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Wedding Planner Books That the Professionals Suggest

Whether or not you’ve hired a wedding planner to guide you through the process, arming yourself with knowledge and inspiration will help you feel more involved.

“Those without planners will find that wedding planning books will help map out a plan for what to tackle and in what order. Those with planners will find they can approach the process from a more informed place. [This will allow] them to easily stay on track with the process and stay in the loop on options, recommendations and inspiration from all over,” notes Mara Mazdzer, founder of Fuse Weddings in Salt Lake City.

Not sure where to start searching for the best wedding planner book? Here are the ones wedding professionals say are a cut above the rest.

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Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival Guide by Aleisha McCormack

Purchase at Amazon for $15

This how-to guide on wedding planning is heavy on the humor and light on the tradition, according to Leah Weinberg of Color Pop Events in Long Island City, New York. That’s something most modern-day brides can appreciate.

“Aleisha is all about crafting a wedding that feels like you and your partner, while minimizing the usual wedding planning stress as much as possible,” she says. “If you’re looking for a unique voice in the wedding planning world (and one that doesn’t mind swearing), then Aleisha and her Bridechilla books are a must-have!” 

The Wedding Roller Coaster by Leah Weinberg

Coming to Amazon on April 6th

Weinberg’s other must-read, of course, is her own book, which fills an important space that she feels is missing in the world of wedding planning books. The Wedding Roller Coaster is designed to help prepare couples for the emotional side of wedding planning. Like how to maintain a healthy, stable relationship between themselves as well as their friends and family during the planning process.

“There are practical wedding planning tips incorporated throughout, so couples not only learn, for example, how to cope with stress and anxiety and navigate family conflict, but also how to jumpstart their wedding planning adventure,” Weinberg adds. 

Fête: The Wedding Experience by Jung Lee

Note: Currently only available used at Amazon for $7. However, you can also visit Jung Lee’s website for new copies as well.

If you’re on the hunt for a truly iconic wedding planner book that is not only educational, but a beautiful piece of art that can live on your coffee table for years to come, check out Fête: The Wedding Experience by event designer Jung Lee.

“Lee is known for major impact design, and the cover of her book showcases an immediately recognizable image of a bride climbing a New York staircase while surrounded by glowing candles,” shares Mazder. “Inside, the book features the story of eight different weddings produced by Lee, each focused on a different aspect of wedding planning in which she divulges all her tips and inside knowledge.” 

Vera Wang On Weddings by Vera Wang

Purchase at Amazon for $56

One of the most well-known wedding dress designers in the country, Vera Wang has a lot to offer brides—even 20 years after the release of her widely acclaimed book. “Her oversized coffee table-worthy book is like settling into a girls night with Vera in which she dishes her thoughts and advice on not only gowns, but also on invites, flowers, and everything in between,” says Mazdzer.

The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day by Mindy Weiss 

Purchase at Amazon for $18

Mindy Weiss is one of the most sought-after wedding planners, thanks to her experience with A-list clients including Justin and Haley Bieber. So it’s no surprise her book shares such helpful insights and tips.

“This book addresses design elements, how to prepare the week of the wedding, and includes an appendix with a week-by-week planner…all things that every couple should have during their planning process,” says Sara Bauleke, wedding planner and designer at Bella Notte in D.C. It also includes a a budget and wedding day contacts template.

The Painter’s Wedding by Kristy Rice

Purchase at Amazon for $35

This book encourages couples to put the wedding-planning checklist aside. Instead, it inspires them to fuel their wants and wishes into one big dream to bring their wedding to life. “The Painter’s Wedding gives couples creative confidence to make meaningful decor choices,” says Kristy Rice, owner and founder of Momental Designs in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. “Couples are often highly distracted by so many options during planning. This book helps them refine their ideas beautifully.”

Equally Wed by Kirsten Palladino 

Purchase at Amazon for $18

This book is the perfect resource for LGBTQ+ couples navigating the already overwhelming process of planning a wedding. A process that can be further complicated by challenges that are truly unique to LGBTQ+ couples, explains Mazder. “[It shares] advice on handling homophobic family members to bridal and fashion fittings for nearlyweds anywhere on the spectrum,” she says. 

Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette by Anna and Lizzie Post

Purchase at Amazon for $23

When it comes to etiquette, there’s a delicate balance modern-day couples are advised to follow from most planners. While it’s nice not to have a laundry list of rules that a couple needs to follow, Bauleke always explains to her clients the importance of being familiar with traditions. “This book provides expertise on weddings and wedding etiquette as it’s traditionally existed, while also offering contemporary alternatives. It helps couples understand why parents may be approaching things from a different perspective,” she says. “Anything that can help smooth over family conflict during the wedding planning process is a winner in my book!”

The Jewish Wedding Now by Anita Diamant

Purchase at Amazon for $12

Whether or not you are planning a wedding that is in-line with the Jewish faith, this is a book you will glean quite a lot from. “It’s based in the traditions of Judaism and explores a wide variety of customs and rituals related to Jewish weddings, while at the same time it invites couples to explore modern options and create a Jewish wedding that is uniquely their own,” says Bauleke. She recommends it to her couples planning a Jewish or any type of a Jewish-fusion wedding. 

Wedding Planning for Dummies by Marcy Blum

Purchase at Amazon for $23

If you’re only going to buy one book, this is it, says Beth Bernstein, owner and creative director of SQN Events in Chicago. “It’s a great guide to the whole process,” she says. “Not only is Marcy’s advice spot-on, but her no-nonsense approach and sense of humor takes the edge off of the daunting task of planning a wedding and serves as a great resource.”

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