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I have been searching for DAYS straight trying to find a gold sequin dress to feature as a bridesmaid pick. And wouldn’t you know that’s it’s nearly impossible to find (what I think) is the “perfect” one? I think it might have something to do with the fact that designers don’t really start their sequin parade until right around the holidays…but I want to write about them now, damnit! 🙂

While I might not have been able to find the EXACT one I envisioned in my head (don’t you hate when that happens?!), I found several options that I still really love. And with fall and winter weddings coming up, it’s the perfect time of year for them. While sequin bridesmaid dresses will look great in spring as well, they tend to be a bit heavy for summer (unless you go with a chiffon/sequin combo, like the kaftan one we have featured below).

The great thing about a sequin dress (and why I chose it as a Bridesmaid Pick) is that your friends will get so much use of it AFTER the wedding. I’ve worn my off-white sequin dress at everything from my bachelorette party to our rehearsal dinner (which these are also great picks for) and years later to numerous friends and company holiday parties. You will always have an event to wear a sequin dress to.

The key to the perfect sequin dress is fit: You don’t want it to be too tight for fear of looking like you should be holding a sign in a boxing ring. And it’s actually one of the few fabrics you can get away with it be oversized as well, which is great for bridesmaids who might be more figure- conscious than others. And who doesn’t love sparkle!! I think a sequin bridesmaid dress would only accentuate your wedding dress (and flowers) and make every photo pop. A few of my recent favorites are below.

ASOS Iridescent Sequin Tunic Dress With Rib, $161.87
ARYN K. Sequin Shift Dress, $118.99
Would be great for spring/summer wedding! Cassia Embellished Kaftan, $89.99
Nordstrom’s Adrianna Papell Beaded Tank Dress, $218
Kohl's City Triangles Sequin Racerback Dress, $60.99
Kohl’s City Triangles Sequin Racerback Dress, $60.99

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  1. says: MissKirven

    I appreciate your effort but I’m SO bummed. I’m getting married in December and I’ve ALSO been searching for MONTHS for a beautiful sequin bridesmaid in gold or silver and all I can find is dresses in Juniors sizes or little sleeveless summertime dresses. All I’d like is a simple skater dress with capped sleeves or a straight shift with long sleeves covered in gold or silver sequins and it’s IMPOSSIBLE. What am I doing wrong? I have real sized bridesmaids, (size 6, 8, and 14) and I keep finding PERFECT dresses that are made for high schoolers. 🙁 If they’re all over the internet in pictures, where are people finding them???