Wedding Dress Designer: Galia Lahav

Gahlia Laha Wedding Dresses
Galia Lahav, Wedding Dress Designer

Galia Lahav was born into a family of seamstresses in Russia. She taught art classes in her neighborhood before launching a business of custom-made ivory lace appliques in 1985 in a small town by the name of Ashdod. She eventually fell into the world of couture, and she now designs lavish gowns for both glamorous brides and red carpet celebrities, like Keke Palmer and Michelle Rodriguez.

The home office of Galia Lahav is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Every single detail is done in-house, from the sewing to the beading to the marketing. Each gown is custom made. Galia Lahav prides themselves on hiring only the highest-quality seamstresses in Israel so that each dress is as perfect as possible.

Galia focuses on creating wearable art. Since her first love is the art world, each of her dresses is a high-quality work of art, and she brings out her art background in her designs. Her dresses are very high-fashion, couture pieces, and the detailed beading and lace are one-of-a-kind. The bridal line is luxurious, extravagant, and will definitely be one of the highlights any wedding guests remember. They’re high-drama and high-quality, as well as completely unique.

Where to Buy: Galia Lahav wedding dresses can be found in over 40 boutiques around the world. You can find a full list of their stores here.

Galia Lahav Wedding Dress Collection 2022

Woman Getting Married Says: Illusion backs, tulle skirts and a high dose of glamour are only some of Galia’s trademarks. If you’re the type of bride who knows her wedding dress is going to be one of the day’s most important factors, Galia Lahav dresses will be amazing if you have the budget. They’ll not only look gorgeous in person but in pictures as well—after all, her gowns are often photographed on the red carpet!

Galia Lahav Wedding Dress Serafina
Galia Lahav Wedding Dress Serafina, 2022 Collection

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