Wedding Planner Sandy Walker Tells Us What NOT to Splurge On


Photo by Melissa Schollaert
Photo by Melissa Schollaert

Our “Secrets from a Wedding Planner” series reaches out to our favorite wedding planners across the country to answer your TOP questions. Whether they’re a seasoned veteran or an up-and-coming star, every wedding planner is hand-picked by us for their expertise and all-around awesomeness. Have a question you want to see added to this list? Contact us!

Name: Sandy Walker

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Company: In Awe Weddings and Events

Based In: Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

What do you think is THE most important area for a couple to allocate their budget towards and why?

There are so many important elements to a wedding budget that this is a tough call. I try to find out when first meeting with my couples what is the most important thing (or things) to them and then we work the budget around those items.

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What can couples save on?

Highly detailed wedding cakes can greatly add to a budget. Going with something less traditional can really save money…sweets table, cupcakes, bundt cakes, donuts….anything sweet that the bride and groom love can be an option. If they want to have a cake cutting they can still cut a small cake.

What’s the easiest way for a couple to transform a plain wedding venue?

Wood harvest tables with specialty chairs and different types of lounge furniture can completely transform any venue into something amazing. I love to use Glamour and Woods in Phoenix. It is not your typical rental company furniture, and they offer a high-end product that is still affordable for an average budget.

For couples unable to hire a full-service planner, what’s the one piece of wedding planning advice you would share with them if you could?

Create a timeline for the day of the wedding to keep things moving along. The one thing that doesn’t cost any money is good time management. Wedding guests so appreciate this!

Favorite wedding venue(s) you’ve worked at?

I love the intimacy of private homes for weddings. The freedom to transform the space is often times challenging but also very rewarding. They require a lot more work though so couples need to keep that in mind!

I love what I do and it is awesome that it can be a family business since my daughter and niece are a part of my team!

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