Do You Need the Same Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?

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Q: I have a pretty close group of girlfriends, and I really, really, want to have all 6 of them be a bridesmaid in my wedding. The problem is my groom only has about 3 people he wants to ask to be a groomsman. He says if he asked anybody else it would be kind of random. Does this mean I should only have 3 bridesmaids to match his number?- Charlotte

A: I can totally relate to your groom! LOL. So, the good news is that your # of bridesmaids/groomsmen DO NOT have to match. As long as it’s not something as extreme as 8 bridesmaids to 1 groomsmen, having a number that’s relatively close (and I think half qualifies as that), then you’re totally fine. But if you’re worried about how things might look when they’re walking down the aisle or in photos at the ceremony, you have a couple of options!

For the processional…

Have each bridesmaid and groomsmen walk down on their own, or have them double up (IE: two bridesmaids walk down together and the remaining ones walk down with a groomsmen). If you have more groomsmen than bridesmaids you can also have the groomsmen escort any single relatives walking during the processional, or the mother of the bride.

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For the ceremony…

We got married in a relatively small ceremony space, so we had our wedding parties sit in the first two rows. I really like this approach and think it’s great if you have an uneven wedding party as well. If you want your ‘maids by your side as you say “I Do,” then talk to your photographer about how to space out the parties so it looks good in photos. One way is to have bridesmaids stand in pairs, or have them stand closer together while the groomsmen stand farther apart. Either way they would both take up the same amount of space length-wise

For the group wedding photo…

There are SO many options for this one that the possibilities are endless. You always see those wedding party photos where everybody is lined up in a row, anyway! This will give you an excuse to mix things up a bit.

Bottom line? Uneven wedding parties are NOT a problem. So go ahead and invite your 6 besties to be your bridesmaids!

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