5 Ways to Instantly Make Your Bed Feel Like a Honeymoon Hotel

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One of the best parts about traveling (ESPECIALLY on your honeymoon) is the hotel room. If you pick the right one it’s like walking into a cocoon of awesomeness that you are tempted not to leave…ever! In fact, hotel rooms always seem to have the whole “dream bed” thing down to science. But what are their secrets? These are the 5 things the best hotels in the world tend to have in common, and what you should think about adding to your wedding registry STAT.

1. All-White Bedding

From crisp cotton sheets to a cozy duvet cover, white bedding tends to be a hotel favorite. Not only is it easier to clean, but having all-white bedding means you can add fun pops of color with your pillows and other bedroom accents. In addition to sheets and a comforter, think about adding in a white quilt or blanket for extra texture and an overall “I’m never getting out of this bed” feeling.

2. A Great Mattress

One of the reason’s we wake up so refreshed in a hotel is not only because we’re on vacation (what e-mail inbox??), but it has to do with sleeping on an ultra-comfy mattress. Look for one that can adapt to both you and your partner’s sleeping habits (IE: you’re a side sleeper and they’re a stomach sleeper) like the Leesa mattress, which features three types of premium foam and provides cooling core support without the giant price tag.

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3. Luxurious Fabrics

Hotels definitely believe the hype when it comes to thread count, and we do too (for the most part). While you don’t need a super high one, you’ll want to get a set of sheets with AT LEAST a 300 Thread Count. When it comes to sheets the best fabric to use is Egyptian cotton, and for a duvet cover we are currently loving anything linen (especially since the relaxed fabric works in both hot and cold weather, and looks even better with a few wrinkles). Pair it with a baffled down or alternative-down comforter with a 400+ Thread Count and fill power between 500-700+ (depending on the climate you live in), and you’ll definitely feel like you’re on a nightly vacation.

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4. Lots and Lots of Pillows

It’s easy to go a bit overboard when it comes to pillows, but trust us when we say pillows make everything better. But how should you arrange them? This all depends on your mattress size, but here’s an easy starter guide, below:

Queen Size Bed:

  • 2 Euro Pillows
  • 2-4 Standard Size Pillows
  • 1-2 Decorative Pillows

King Size Bed:

  • 3 Euro Pillows
  • 3-6 Standard Size Pillows or 2-4 King Size Pillows
  • 2-3 Decorative Pillows

TIP: While we love down or down-alternative pillows, having two supportive ones (like the new Leesa pillow designed using their  responsive Avena® foam) will help you sleep that much better. Click here to find out more.

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5. A Perfectly Made Bed

My husband definitely laughs at me when I take an extra five minutes to make our bed picture-perfect every morning, but it’s SO worth it. The key to styling a hotel-worthy bed? Hospital corners! And layers. Here’s how I make ours:

  • Start with your fitted sheet (while this might seem obvious, it’s worth noting that hotels don’t typically have fitted sheets. Instead they usually use a flat sheet that’s a size larger than the mattress, tucking it in tightly using hospital corners and another flat sheet on top).
  • Your flat sheet comes next, which is where you’ll want to again use those infamous hospital corners. Wondering what in the world a hospital corner is? This video will show you how to do them!
  • A lightweight cotton quilt then goes on top, tucking it in the same way as the fitted sheet.
  • The down comforter is then fluffed and placed on the bed, folding it halfway down to expose the quilt and add a bit of texture.
  • Next up are the pillows! We have three euro pillows that go in the back, then four king pillows in front of those, followed by two decorative pillows. While our sheets, quilt, and duvet are white, several of our pillowcases are printed and/or have bold pops of color (like these crushed blue velvet shams from West Elm, below).

Do you have any favorite tricks for making your bed hotel-worthy? Let us know in the comments section below!

how to make your bed
Our bed!

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