Q: I hate my bridesmaid dresses and we can’t return them! What should I do?

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Photo by IQ Photography
Photo by IQ Photography

Q: I picked out the bridesmaid dresses online, and now that my friends have them and I saw them in person I hate them! The color is totally wrong and the style is just off. I would have my friends return them but there’s no refunds allowed! Arrgh. How can I make them look better?- Julie K.

A: First off…I totally feel your pain. It’s not easy buying anything without seeing it in person first, especially buying bridesmaid dresses online! The good news is there are several things you can do to help transform the look of the bridesmaid dresses from hell. Just remember this: Your girlfriends most likely just spent at least $100 on a dress that you are now unsure about. Even if that’s the case, do yourself (and them) a favor by remaining calm and not letting on how much you dislike it. After all, they now OWN this dress, so let them know that you’re just hoping to add another element of style to it. With that out of the way, here are my tips for taking a bridesmaid dress from “OMG” to “Yessss!”

1. Add another layer
A cardigan, shawl, or wrap will help add a focal point to the bridesmaid dress. If you’re getting married in the spring or summer, a lightweight cardigan in a pastel color can work with pretty much any color bridesmaid dress. Pair it with a matching color skinny belt and you’re back in business. If it’s a chillier fall or winter wedding, consider a faux fur shawl to help keep the ladies warm and disguise that dress.

carolina herrera white shirt

2. A white shirt never fails
Another option is to get your bridesmaids a classic white collared shirt. They can tie it at the waist or belt it with a wide patent leather belt. A white shirt as formal wear ALWAYS works (just ask Carolina Herrera, wearing a classic white shirt, above)

3. Accessorize!

A statement necklace can really change the look of a simple dress, or if you want to unify your bridesmaid dresses or glam them up, you can never go wrong with a long string of pearls. And, if you’re really wanting to create a different look…add all three of these suggestions above to create some major bridesmaid style at your wedding.

TIP: If your bridesmaids were the ones who purchased their dresses, I would think about buying the accessory you’d like them to add as your bridesmaid gift to them.

We love these looks, below, to help add style to your bridesmaid dresses…

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