How to Avoid Getting Your Period On Your Wedding Day

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Believe it or not this was one of the very, very first topics we ever wrote about on this blog….ALL the way back when we were engaged. It’s not on the site anymore…it was one of the handful of posts I wrote that seemed a bit embarrassing and way too personal at the time, but guess what? Not anymore! LOL. We’re back to talk about wedding day periods, how to (hopefully) plan around them, and what to do if you DO get it.

TMI: My periods are the worst. Like, stay in bed for a day, consume several Advil, and cancel plans kind of period. I’ve always had this problem, yet for some reason when we picked our wedding day it didn’t even occur to me to check my period calendar. (Which is, uh, just my regular calendar, but with a big P on the day).

As soon as I realized I should have thought about this, I did the math and THANKFULLY I was in the clear. (Side Note: This actually JUST happened this weekend while booking a trip that’s several months from now, and I frantically had to check my period calendar AFTER we already booked our tickets. Thankfully it was fine, but seriously, when will I learn?? I’ve gotten my period on vacations before and it’s the worst!!)

Calculate Your Period Date BEFORE You Book

My advice to all menstruating brides out there is to check when you’re supposed to get your period BEFORE you book your wedding date. If you’re not regular this might not help you as much, but if you are there are period calendars like this one that will do the math for you. And, something I actually just learned (did you guys know this?) is that your cycle length is actually the day BEFORE you get your period. So, if you get your period on what you thought was Day 28, you actually have a 27-day cycle. Your cycle length is calculated by the day before you get your period, which is day 1. How am I in my 30’s and I still didn’t know that??

Already Booked and Supposed to Have Your Period on Your Wedding? Talk to Your Doctor About Options

If you’re on birth control pills already, you do have some flexibility. You can talk to your doctor about whether continuing your pill for a month or two ahead of your period (meaning you would just go right into a new pack instead of getting a period) is right for you. Or if you’re NOT on birth control pills asking if you’re a candidate to start them. This is a pretty big thing to do for one day, but if your periods are as bad as mine I could definitely understand wanting to ask your doctor what you can do about it.

Your Wedding Planning Checklist: What To Do and When

Too Late? It’s Gonna Happen Anyway? Start Preparing Now

OK. If there’s nothing left to do–you’re going to get your period on your wedding day no matter what–you have to prepare. This article talks about how to relieve the bloating and cramps before your period, naturally and not so naturally. You can also consider seeing an acupuncturist in the months leading up to your wedding. I did and it helped my periods a lot (just being on the pill in general also did, FWIW).

For your actual wedding day, make sure you have these period helpers on hand:

  • Pain reliever
  • Tampons
  • Pads
  • Consider a period underwear, such as Thinx, so you can worry less about leaks.
  • A friend (or your mom) to help hand you tampons or pads in the stall, help with your dress, or any other period emergencies.

Having your period on your wedding day is DEFINITELY less than ideal, but if you start planning for it before your wedding (and ideally before you choose your wedding date) it hopefully won’t be too much of an inconvenience. And the good news? If you get it on your wedding day you probably won’t have it on your honeymoon , which is even better!




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