Do I Really Need a Wedding Coordinator?

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Q: What kind of help do I truly need on the day of the wedding? We don’t really have family that can help coordinate things or any friends who will not be celebrating with us. However, we want to cut out as many costs as possible. Is a month-of/day-of- wedding coordinator worth the money? 

The short answer is YES. I highly, highly recommend getting a day of wedding coordinator, who many times can be considered a month-of, since you will work with them approximately 3-6 weeks before your wedding date to finalize your wedding timeline, confirm with vendors, etc. While a full-on wedding planner (someone who is with you from the beginning to the end, overseeing every aspect of the wedding) will cost approximately 10% of your wedding budget on average (ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 and up), you can secure a great wedding coordinator for half that cost, and they will make your wedding day a thousand times easier. You can read our explanation of a wedding planner vs. coordinator here.

This Isn’t a Job for Friends!

You do not want to enlist the help of any friends or family for this job, unless they are a professional and, as you said, won’t care if they’re working at your wedding instead of having fun with you! You also don’t want to personally be dealing with any details (like telling bridesmaids when to walk down the aisle or the caterer that guests are getting hungry and you need the food out STAT). A good wedding coordinator (and planner) will take care of these details for you so you can relax.

Honestly, I would look to cut your wedding budget from anywhere but here. Perhaps you can think about less expensive wedding invitations or skipping wedding favors altogether to make up the cost. You will be SO HAPPY that you did.

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