What Should I Call My In-Laws?

what to call in-laws
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Q: Ever since I met them I’ve been calling my future in-laws by Mr. and Mrs. Their Last Name. My FH says I can call them mom and dad, but that feels weird to me. What am I supposed to call them? -Kimberly

A: I agree with you. Personally, calling in-laws mom and dad feels a bit uncomfortable to me. But I definitely know daughter and son-in-laws that have no problem doing it. After you’re married, if you’re not comfortable calling your in-laws mom and dad, I would instead politely ask them if it’s ok if you call them by their first names. This will indicate to them that you’d like something a bit more personal, and that perhaps “mom and dad” wasn’t the first option you were thinking. If they do ask you to call them mom and dad, it’s totally OK to tell them that if it’s alright with them, you would feel more comfortable calling them by their first names instead. That is completely understandable and they should not be offended by that. I would be sure to tell your FH how you feel about it as well.

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