The Perfect Wedding Arch for Every Theme and Style

The right wedding arch will totally MAKE your wedding ceremony space. It’s typically the focal point in the room, and one that will be photographed more than any other location on your wedding day. In other words? You should love it! When trying to decide on your wedding arch, we suggest thinking about your wedding ceremony space. Is it rustic? Industrial? On the beach? Try to create a wedding arch that complements your space rather than conflicts with it.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wedding arches and chuppahs, from  simple and sweet to out-of-the-box and dramatic. Can you see yourself saying “I do” with one of these?

1. Expert Draping

Not exactly an arch, but a backdrop nonetheless. It’s incredible how something so simple can make such a high-impact, as with this perfectly draped fabric decorated only by delicate floral hanging above.

2. Colorful Ribbon

We love when brides aren’t afraid of a little color (and in this case, we mean a lot of it). This unconventional use of ribbon draped between an arch of lush greenery is so whimsical and cheery, it immediately makes us smile. Plus, we adore the single flowers that run up and down the ribbons and really tie it together.

3. Modern Lines

The shape of this structure puts this one on our list. Definitely straying from tradition, this modern structure ignores symmetry, but somehow completely succeeds. Even if the colors are a little bit Valentine’s Day, there’s something seriously romantic here.

Wedding Arches Near Fireplace
Source: Hey Wedding Lady

4. Mixed Textures

For being asymmetrical, this structure is seemingly well-balanced. Not only are we smitten by the color palette, but we love how this arch really demonstrates that simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Plus, the clever draping provides so much depth here, and we love that.

Wedding Arches Mixed Texture
Source: Amy & Jordan via Ruffled

5. Unconventional Bases

Total winner here! The amazing use of color (without going totally overboard), plus the simple lines of the copper base, help make this structure one of our ultimate favorites. The perfect combination of simplicity and grandeur.

Wedding Arches Unique
Source: Justin Lee Images via 100 Layer Cake

6. Bold Frame

We told you there was one that was further off-the-beaten-path than the others. Here it is, ladies. We love that this structure is kind of like an outdoor picture frame, there to anchor a backdrop for you and your soon-to-be-husband as you say your vows. It speaks volumes, don’t you think?

Wedding Arches Simple Frame
Source: Emily Wren Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

7. The Hanging Garden

One of the more standard shapes, however, there’s nothing standard about this wedding arch. We can imagine that underneath it feels like you’re in your own little magical hanging garden, with floral surrounding you everywhere. The bright colors really standout against the suspended greenery. Undeniably charming.

8. The Draped Tree

We know not everyone will have an abundantly large tree at their disposal for their wedding ceremony. But in case that you do, consider forgoing the floral masterpiece and instead opt for a delicately draped fabric along the branches of that nature-made structure you’ve already got. We love this!

9. Geometric Shapes

This desert-inspired wedding uses bold geometric shapes with delicate greenery to make a statement. The airy structure lets the beauty of the natural surroundings really take the main stage, and we love the little accents of color in bright oranges and yellows.

Wedding Arches Geometric Shapes
Photography by Erica Velsco Photographers via 100 Layer Cake

10. Beachside Driftwood

If you’re getting married on the beach (lucky, you!) this wedding arch should definitely be on your list. We love the organic shape of the driftwood and how it’s so beautifully adorned with bright pink and coral flowers that really tie in the tropical landscape.

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