Wedding Table Decorations: Potted Plants

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If you’re debating between flowers for your wedding tables or something a little more out of the box, potted plants and herbs are a great way to go, and can often be less expensive. I actually prefer plants over herbs because I worry that the scent of some herbs (such as rosemary) can overpower the smell of the food…and you don’t want that, especially when you’re paying for a delicious lunch or dinner. However, if you love the look go with what you like best!

If you haven’t headed over to your local IKEA (if you’re lucky enough to be near one) for inexpensive wedding decorations, don’t forget to take a look at their plants. They have a great selection of both artificial and live plants (always go with live for a wedding, I say!) as well as pots that won’t break the bank. If you’re not near an IKEA, Home Depot and Walmart will also have inexpensive plants. Just remember that when looking for plants and/or flowers, they should be below eye level of your seated guests or way above so they can see the person across from them. You should also experiment with different combinations of height and variety. From the selection below, try an Aloe Vera and Himalayamix potted plant mix on one table, and Kalanchoe and Tillandsia Cyanea potted plant on another.

For pots I also LOVE Anthropologie’s selection online. They’re still selling the rustic pots that I bought for my wedding over three years ago (at the same great price, $8/each). I also found a couple more Anthropologie favorites, below. You can also experiment with using other vessels, such as teapots or silver-plated bowls for a more whimsical look.

The great thing about decorating your wedding tables with potted plants is that you can either offer them to guests to take home (if they’re local) or take several of them and plant them in your garden or on your patio for a nice memento of your big day.

Ikea Aloe Vera
Ikea Aloe Vera
Kalanchoe Potted Plant Ikea
Ikea Kalanchoe Potted Plant
Ikea Potted Plant
Ikea Potted Plant
Tillandsia Cyanea Potted Plant
Tillansidia cyanea via Joy Us Garden

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