Bride Talk: Maeve and Kevin’s Deerfield, NY Wedding

Maeve and her fiancé Kevin
Maeve and her fiancé Kevin

Bride: Maeve

Occupation: Self-Employed

Wedding City: Deerfield, NY

How many weeks/months until the big day? 6 months left!

Have you had any major hurdles planning the wedding, or has anything been easier than expected?
Planning has been so much fun! We’re having a Halloween theme, but not pumpkins and ghouls. It’s more like Phantom of the Opera meets horror films.

Us in costume. :)
Us in costume. 🙂

What’s one thing you’ve totally splurged on and why?
Photographer, because that’s the one thing we have no control over and we wanted a good and trustworthy one. We chose her because she came to us with ideas for our unique theme, so I felt like we really clicked.

What about saved on?
We saved on the venue, because our ceremony and reception are being done at our local firehouse. We started dating when he was my training officer in the dept! We have also saved on a bunch of stuff because we’re doing like 99% of the wedding ourselves. We have a food truck for our caterer, but he’s local.

What made you pick your wedding venue?
We picked the firehouse because our fire dept means so much to us. He even proposed at our fire dept annual installation banquet, in front of 250 of our closest friends, family, neighbors, and local first responders!

The proposal!
The proposal!

Have you taken on any DIY projects? If so, tell us about them!
We’re doing the centerpieces. We are having cupcakes (with Halloween designs on them), and I decided to have them be the centerpiece. So we are making gold platters with supplies from the dollar store. Also, we made paper flowers out of a book. My fiance has make the card holder from scratch (a coffin), the guest book (the book of the recently deceased from Beetlejuice), the seating table numbers (horror film posters), and I’m sure more. LOL.

What are you most nervous about or looking forward to?
I’m most nervous about forgetting something, or having something go wrong. I’m most looking forward to seeing everybody’s faces with this theme!

Did you create a wedding planning timeline for yourself or just tackle things as they came up?
I created a wedding planning timeline for myself, with deadlines for each project that came up. I started the budget back in January.

Maeve and Kevin's Wedding To-Do List

Done and Done:

  • Wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses
  • Caterer
  • Photographer
  • DJ
  • Save the dates
  • Invitations (although not sent out)
  • Cupcakes
  • Table set up
  • Alcohol
  • Hotels
  • Wedding playlist (I think)

In Progress:

  • Centerpieces
  • Card box
  • Costume
  • Men’s attire
  • Favors

Not Yet Started:

  • Seating chart

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