Bride Talk: Lauren and Chris’s Chicago Wedding

Lauren and her fiancé Chris
Lauren and her fiancé Chris

Hiring a wedding planner can be a HUGE life saver, especially for those brides with limited time like Laura. Read more about her wedding planning process in our latest Bride Talk, below!

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Name: Lauren

Occupation: Lawyer

Wedding City: Chicago, IL

How many weeks/months until the big day? 11 months left!

Have you had any major hurdles planning the wedding, or has anything been easier than expected?
Getting my groom to agree to spend money has been the biggest hurdle! 🙂 Finding certain vendors who are still available was also surprisingly a challenge. People book up so fast!

What’s one thing you’ve totally splurged on and why?
Hiring a planner. I work A TON and needed someone to keep me calm and help distill the thousands of vendors out there into a few good options.

What about saved on?
No wedding cake. We’re getting donuts and cookies and brownies from our favorite bakeries around town and it will be much cheaper than a big fancy cake. I don’t really like cake anyway and it’s not worth the money.

What made you pick your wedding venue?
My fiancé and I hate the idea of blowing a ton of money on a wedding, so we’ve tried to look for vendors we can feel good about (small businesses, non-profits etc.) and only museums, libraries, and cultural centers for our venue. We loved the location of the Newberry Library where we’re getting marred, and felt like we didn’t need to do anything to dress it up…it was beautiful on its own.

Have you taken on any DIY projects? If so, tell us about them!
Not yet… but I’m sure I will.

What are you most nervous about or looking forward to?
Mostly looking forward to having all of the people we love under the same roof. I can’t think of another time in our lives when that will happen. I can’t wait!

Did you create a wedding planning timeline for yourself or just tackle things as they came up?
Not yet. Just working off of what my planner tells me to do right now.

Lauren and Chris's Wedding To-Do List

Done and Done:

  • Booked venue
  • Hired a planner
  • Booked a photographer

In Progress:

  • Choosing a caterer
  • Choosing a DJ
  • Hotel blocks

Not Yet Started:

  • Everything else!

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