10 Super Easy DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween


It’s a week before Halloween and you and your partner have ZERO idea what you want to dress up as. We hear ya (we’re in the same boat). The good news is there are so many quick, easy, and creative couples costumes for Halloween that you won’t need much to look like you planned this idea months ago. So, before you run to the Halloween costume store to grab that weird chicken outfit off the shelf, try one of these DIY couples costumes instead.

Planning a Halloween wedding? We found the best (non-cheesy) Halloween wedding ideas for every style.

1. Sandy and Danny

Is there anything easier than wearing all black and rocking that whole Grease lightning vibe? Probably not. While it’s perfect if you already have blonde hair, you can always order a blonde wig from Amazon Prime and have it at your doorstep tomorrow.

2.Carrie and Big

Speaking of quintessential couples, Carrie and Big from Sex and the City are always a hit. Does anybody else watch that movie as much as we do?

3. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

You guys, who didn’t want to be Little Red Riding Hood at some point in their childhood? I mean, I might have been a bit scared off by the Big Bad Wolf, but, whatever. This costume though? It’s so perfect it’s scary.

My big, not so bad, wolf!! 😍 #CoupleCostumes

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4. Cookie Monster and Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s the Cookie Monster without his cookies? This perfect pairing is one of the easiest couples costumes you can find. You dress up in blue and cutout cookies from construction paper or magazines to adorn to your significant other’s clothing. Extra points if you actually bake cookies and bring them to the party. Just sayin’.

5. Daisy and Gatsby

We adore how dapper this man looks in his tux and his dame looks in gold. All you need are two glasses of champagne and you’re ready to party.

Daisy & Jay Gatsby take on Halloween #happyhalloween #TheGreatGatsby #coupleshalloweencostumes

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6. Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat

Not only is the Curious George series celebrating its’ celebrating its 75th anniversary this year making it perfect timing, but it’s a nostalgic couples costume that everybody will immediately recognize. You put on a brown skirt and top (monkey tail and ears from Amazon optional) and he wears all yellow. The only thing you’ll most likely need to order is his big yellow hat (unless you already own one which might be kind of weird. No judgements though! LOL).

7. Snapchat Filters

The dog filter on Snapchat has become somewhat of an institution for our generation, so how about just permanently dressing the part for the evening? You can even Snapchat it! Dog filters on dog filters on dog filters.

8. We Woke Up Like This

You guys, there’s nothing easier than rolling out of bed and going to a party. So just be exactly that. Tack on a few sheets, bring a pillow with you…even throw on an eye mask. Anything goes when you just “woke up this way.”

9. Jim and Pam

This couples costume is quick, affordable, and super cute. Simply put your uncoolest work clothes on and name tags and you’re good to go! Bonus if you can find another couple to go as Dwight and Angela.

10. Mimes

This outfit should get a “Last Minute Halloween Costume” award it’s probably been used so many times, but we still love it! All you need are black pants, a stripe shirt and some face paint and….voila! You two will be ready for the park in no time.

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