This Couple’s Dog Totally Stole the Spotlight at Their Wedding

There’s nothing more adorable than a couple incorporating their pet into their wedding day, whether it’s in the form of a dog ring bearer or a cat carried in lieu of a flower bouquet. That said, animals are certainly unpredictable — and there’s no better example of this than a recently viral photo of a bride and groom about to say “I do,” if it weren’t for one (charming) distraction.

Photographer Chris Davis perfectly captured the moment that six-year-old labrador retriever Boone rolled around at his parents feet mid-vows. Angie and Jayce Conway couldn’t help but laugh.

“Boone the dog has always been such a great companion for Jayce and Angie that it was no surprise to anyone that he was tasked with being the Best Boy,” Davis said.

The ceremony was in Big Sky, Montana. Though a gorgeous location, the wedding’s proximity to water was a potential temptation for Boone.

“Since the wedding ceremony was held between a beautiful lake and the even more beautiful Gallatin River it’s just a miracle that we were able to keep him out of the water until after the vows were said.”

Of course, Boone was able to jump into the river after the ceremony.

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