10 Awesome Gifts for Him That Will Still Get There in Time

So it’s December 21 and you have yet to get a holiday gift for your future hubs! Time to panic, or make a mad dash to the mall, right? Nope! If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime let us tell you this loud and clear: It will save your gift-giving life! As of today you still have TWO days left if you’re a Prime member for FREE 2-day shipping. So that literally means you can procrastinate another one or two days and your gift will still get here in time for Christmas or Hanukkah. Lazy shoppers, unite!

Because Amazon Prime is so awesome and great for last-minute gifts for your guy, we did a little shopping for you (well, we didn’t buy these. Duh. We just put them in our cart for YOU to buy). No matter your budget, big or small, there’s a cool gift for your boyfriend or husband here that will get to your door on time. Hooray!

1. For the Guy Whose Phone is Always on 2%: Anker iPhone 6/6s Battery Case

Is your guy the kind of person who can’t remember to charge his phone at night? This is the perfect gift for him. A phone case that doubles as a battery that provides 120% longer battery life (that’s 60 hours of audio, 13 hours of video or 12 hours of web browsing). This is the perfect combination of practicality and coolness.

This water-resistant speaker is a grab-and-go necessity for the guy who can’t be without great sounding music on his travels. Plus, it’s the perfect packing necessity for your honeymoon. It has 8 hours of playtime, easily connects to Bluetooth and you can even access Siri or Google Now.

3. For the Netflix Binger: Samsung 55-Inch Smart LED TV

Has he been lusting after a new television? If it’s in your budget, this will be your “Wow!” gift of the year. With an amazing display, streaming capabilities for all our favorite shows, and a slim wall mount included, this is definitely a gift you’ll be enjoying, too! Plus, you really can’t beat this price.

4. For the Gamer: PlayStation 4

Does he dream of Saturdays spent in front of the TV battling bad guys? The PlayStation 4 allows him to play all of his favorite games with better processors, better graphics and a bevy of upgrades like a suspend mode that lets you immediately return to a saved game.

5. For the Outdoorsman: Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

If he’s the kind of guy who’s always planning his next outdoor adventure, consider this packable hammock that’s so lightweight but still holds two comfortably (within 400 pounds). Pretty impressive for such a portable item.

6. For the Business Man on the Move: Tumi Alpha 2 Slim Deluxe Portfolio

This utilitarian yet stylish briefcase made of ballistic nylon is a rugged man’s dream. It’s perfect for the guy seeking a non-polished briefcase that’s still somewhat sophisticated. Plus, it’s super durable, making it a great travel accessory.

7. For the Self-Proclaimed Videographer: Polaroid Cube+ Mini Lifestyle Action Camera

This easy-to-use lifestyle action camera not only comes in an adorable cube package, it’s seriously powerful. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, takes still images as well as video and has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows for 107 minutes of recording. It also has a 124° wide-angle lens and a surplus of accessories for attaching it to everything and anything.

8. For the Coffee Bean Obsessed: Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

If he’s the type of guy who relies on his morning cup of coffee, he will love this espresso maker from Nespresso. It heats up in 30 seconds, and an espresso from their capsules only take 25-30 seconds to make. It’s fantastically convenient and the perfect start-your-morning-off-right gift.

9. For the fashionable gentleman: Nautica Swim Trunks

Jetting off somewhere warm for your honeymoon? These swim trunks from Nautica are a welcomed treat for his honeymoon wardrobe.

Note: This was originally on our list, below, but they have since become backordered! However, you can always give your future hubby an envelope with a picture of the Echo in it and tell him it will arrive the first week of January (if you order the white one. The black will be more like mid-January).

10. For the Guy Who Needs a Personal Assistant: Amazon Echo

Ever wish you had a personal assistant to turn off your lights, put on your favorite song, or remind you not to forget something at the grocery store? Amazon Echo is exactly that. This is your best friend, in one compact design.

Echo Dot 4th Generation
Echo Dot 4th Generation

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