9 Wedding Anniversary Gifts He’ll Love

wedding anniversary gifts for him
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If you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary, you might be racking your brain for gift ideas for your husband. Gifts can be hard to come up with, especially for men, but here are some out-of-the-box wedding anniversary ideas that play on traditions and can be customized to you as a couple!

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • For your first anniversary, tradition calls for something made of paper. What about framing your wedding vows or wedding program? It’s a great way to display those keepsake items and at your first anniversary, it’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since your big day. Making a photobook of your wedding pictures or finally ordering that wedding album would also be great paper gift ideas.
  • For your third anniversary, it’s traditional to give something leather. If your guy carries a briefcase, we love the idea of getting him a new one if he needs it. Other options could be a leather iPhone case or a personalized leather travel kit. If he’s in the market for some new kicks, there are also a lot of great men’s leather shoes he would love (just make sure that they’re returnable in case they don’t fit).
  • It’s traditional to give something wooden for a five-year anniversary gift, so what about a fun sign for your home? There are tons of cute ideas on Etsy—we particularly love this wood slice sign! For something that’s a little more rugged, we like this candle holder with the coordinates of where you met carved in. If your guy likes to carry a pocketknife, it’s easy to incorporate wood on them as well. Have it monogrammed with his initials!  
Framed Love Note
Framed Love Note
Printed Song Wooden Frame
Printed Song Wooden Frame via RevivalWoodworking, $150
  • For your seventh anniversary, something wool constitutes tradition. What about woolen mittens that can keep his fingers toasty? Other options include slippers, socks, a scarf, a cozy sweater, or a hat. Maybe you could include a cute note about how glad you are he didn’t get cold feet on your wedding day.
  • At 10 years, tradition calls for something tin or aluminum. While this may not spring to mind anything too exciting, these adorable tin wallet cards would be perfect. It’s a sweet, simple love note with the date you got married and your husband can think of you whenever he spots it in his wallet. Another option would be an aluminum plaque for your home.
Aluminium Anniversary Gift
Aluminium 10 Year Anniversary Gift via creationbyingrid1, $52
  • At 11 years, traditional calls for steel. Fun fact: the iPhone is actually made partly from stainless steel. Does he need a phone upgrade, or maybe some accessories like a new case, a portable charger or wireless headphones? It’s a modern take on a classic tradition. Lots of coffee thermoses are also stainless steel—consider a personalized one for the caffeine addict in your life!
  • When you hit your 12th anniversary, you’ll be on the hunt for something silk. Consider a tie, pocket square or handkerchief. If your husband likes to wear pajamas that are a touch more fancy than an oversized t-shirt and boxers, consider a silky set!
  • Your 15th anniversary traditionally means crystal gifts, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Choose your favorite photo from the last 15 years and put it in a crystal picture frame that he can put on his desk at work. If you want to get fancy, consider champagne glasses that you can use to toast to 15 years of happiness. If your man likes Scotch, a crystal decanter would also be great!
  • 25 years means silver. How about some sterling silver cufflinks? If your guy wears a watch, you could also look into that option, or a ring, earring or tie clip depending on his jewelry preferences

A Little Goes a Long Way

No matter the year, it’s always nice to show your romantic side for your wedding anniversary. Although some years may seem like larger milestones than others, small gifts can emphasize how great it is that you’ve spent another blissful year together. Even if you don’t want to break the bank or make a big deal out of your anniversary, handwritten notes, baked goods, or his favorite beer will usually win him over! While they may not be traditional, we can almost guarantee the smallest gesture will go a long way.

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